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Candidates for President Present their Platforms

By Kassel Franco Garibay and Anna Gombert Elections for Student Government president and vice president will take place on Friday, December 1 with Manny Lopez (’19) and Alessandra Le Pera (’20) running against Salma Mahmoud (’19) and Shehab Marzouk (’20). Students will be able to vote online on the Path, or in person from 9 to 11 a.m. in Brothers College and from 11 a.m … Continue reading Candidates for President Present their Platforms

Coronado National Forest

By Maimouna Kante Coronado National Forest is located in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico and is known for its wide biodiversity that is sectioned into four different districts: Safford Ranger District, Nogales Ranger District, Douglas Ranger District and Sierra Vista Ranger District.   The forest’s elevation ranges from 3,000 feet to 10,720 feet which further explains how some of these areas are some of … Continue reading Coronado National Forest

New Ferns Planted at Fern Fest

By Ben Slattery Each spring, students organize a celebration in the form of a gardening event that coincides with Earth Week known as Fern Fest. The Drew community congregates to replace a section of campus lawn with a multitude of varying native ferns and wildflowers, encouraging biodiversity and fostering the growth of other parts of the local ecosystem. Sarah Webb, Director of the Restoration Program … Continue reading New Ferns Planted at Fern Fest

Forest Findings: American Robin

By Colleen Dabrowski It’s finally happened! Spring has arrived, albeit late, to Drew University’s campus and with it, like clockwork, have come the robins. No, not the masked heroes–the birds! Though commonly referred to as robins, the proper informal name of these birds is in fact American robin. The American robin, given the scientific name of Turdus migratorius, can be heard singing early in the … Continue reading Forest Findings: American Robin

New NASA Administrator

By Violet Wallerstein Jim Bridenstine was sworn in as NASA administrator on April 23, with his hand on a Bible by Vice President Pence after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 19. NASA states that Bridenstine took the position from Robert Lightfoot, who was the acting administrator from January 2017 until his planned resignation on April 30. While in the past there have … Continue reading New NASA Administrator

Slowing Currents

By Nate Davidovich The Atlantic Ocean is currently moving in slow-motion. In the last 1,600 years, the circulation has never peaked so low, and the same can be said for the temperature. This statistic may not sound so daunting at its core, but it includes many factors that could make or break our environment as a whole. According to Scientific American, with slowed circulation of … Continue reading Slowing Currents

Outrage at Drilling Attempts in Alaska

By Brittany Greve Four months ago, after decades of Democrats attempting to block the measure, the GOP finally passed a resolution through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, that allows for rigs to be brought into Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). According to The Hill, this is the first administrative step that the Trump administration has taken toward completely allowing oil and natural gas … Continue reading Outrage at Drilling Attempts in Alaska

Drew Gets Medieval at MedFest 2018

By Ryman Curtis On Saturday, April 21, the lawn between Hoyt Hall and the Ehinger Center was transformed into a medieval fairground. MedFest, That Medieval Thing’s annual event, is one of Drew University’s traditions. First held in 1986, 32 years ago, Medfest grew to draw support from off campus, bringing in businesses and lovers of all things medieval alike. Dotted around the lawn were vendors, … Continue reading Drew Gets Medieval at MedFest 2018

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Remembered

By Ben Slattery Barbara Pierce Bush was remembered Saturday, April 21, for her strong character and sharp wit which led her to become one of the most popular first ladies in U.S. history. She was laid to rest by a political dynasty in which she was a key figure, including her husband and son, whom she helped reach the presidency. An estimated 1500 people showed … Continue reading Former First Lady Barbara Bush Remembered

Romaine Responsible for E. Coli Outbreak

By Colleen Dabrowski Nineteen states have been affected by an outbreak of Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, that Center for Disease Control (CDC) officials link to romaine lettuce harvested in Yuma, Arizona. Ingestion of a food item contaminated with E. coli often leads to illness within two to eight days after consumption, with symptoms ranging from diarrhea to stomach cramps to vomiting. According … Continue reading Romaine Responsible for E. Coli Outbreak

Drew Elects Student Government Senate

By Michael McCurry On April 20, Drew students went to the polls to select next year’s upperclassmen Student Government Senators. Ballots were cast online by logging onto from the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The positions on the ballot included four Sophomore Senators, four Junior Senators, four Senior Senators and a Commuter-at-Large Student Senator. “I was on Student Government for a little … Continue reading Drew Elects Student Government Senate