Women’s Basketball Dismantle Brooklyn College in Deserved Win

By Adam Smith | Sports Editor

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On Tuesday, Dec. 6, the Drew Rangers faced off in what would prove to be an invigorating game against the Brooklyn College Bulldogs. The Rangers came into the game with sturdy momentum after seeing off the Juniata Eagles in their Landmark Conference season opener this past Saturday, Dec. 3. The Bulldogs took control of possession after the jump ball, but it was Drew who controlled possession for the remainder of the quarter. The Bulldogs had a shaky start to the game, allowing Drew to capitalize off of their opponents shortcomings. The Rangers gained more rebounds, both offensive and defensive, and found an energetic stride in their counter-attacks, punishing the Bulldogs’ lack of offensive creativity. 

The Rangers themselves were punished for a series of unfortunate fouls which resulted in a few Bulldogs free throws, but the Bulldogs could not convert the chances given to them. At the end of the first quarter, Drew led the visitors 15-5.

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Going into the second quarter, the home side continued their impressive display and were able to maintain a steady stream of points.The Rangers looked clinical in attack, with point-accurate passing, disciplined positioning and a hunger to keep the ball out of their opponents hands. Throughout the game, the Rangers’ Gwen Alberici (‘23) and Madelyn Morgan (‘26) showcased an incredible performance, linking up on numerous counter-attacks to sink point after point, with the Bulldogs defense struggling to contain their speed. Drew tallied a total of 22 points in the second quarter, propelling them into a comfortable lead over Brooklyn College going into half-time. 

The Rangers opened the scoring in the second half, playing with composure and precision to quell any possible attempts at a comeback from the opposition. The Bulldogs, frustrated by Drew’s rigid playing style, started to make more mistakes in possession, frequently playing the ball into Rangers’ hands from intercepted cross-court passes and beginning to play with more physicality.

Drew conceded some poor fouls, giving Brooklyn unnecessary points. With a scoring rally, Brooklyn seemed to have a rejuvenated determination in defense; their players wrestled and fought for the ball and began to push back against the home side. In the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs made a late resurgence, racking up a tally of points against a tiring Rangers side. However, the Rangers held their ground and were able to find the gaps in an offense-heavy Bulldogs defense to score from some astounding team play. Overall, an incredible performance from the Drew Rangers, who outplayed the Brooklyn College Bulldogs 74-53 in a well-deserved win.

Adam Smith is a sophomore majoring in media and communications and minoring in Spanish and film studies.

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