Senior Spotlight: Lauren Reduzzi

By Nicole Sydor | Editor In Chief

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As this semester comes to a close, The Drew Acorn wanted to take a moment to highlight the work of Lauren Reduzzi (‘23), a senior majoring in English: Writing and Communications and minoring in sociology. 

Reduzzi first joined the newspaper her freshman year as a  journalist, primarily covering student government meetings and events. During her sophomore year she became the Assistant News Editor, and half way through the year she earned the title of News Editor. Reduzzi has been in this position since she was appointed. 

This is her last semester at Drew and her last semester with The Acorn. After four long years of commitment and dedication, we decided to interview Reduzzi about her experience in The Acorn and about her plans for the future. 

What will you take away from your experience at The Acorn into your future?

“I think definitely not even the editorial experience, but just being able to work on a team and just the skills that I’ve learned, whether it be Adobe and working with Google applications. But also the skills of working on a team, organizational skills and being able to collaborate with others are my biggest takeaways.”

What is your favorite Acorn memory?

“I really liked the Taylor Swift night, when we listened to her album because I am a really big Taylor Swift fan. We were all kind of stressed about school, dreading everything going on, but we were able to just push through and play her new album.”

Is there any advice you would like to give to current students?

“Never sell yourself short. Just apply to anything that is interesting to you, whether it be a job or a new club. Just go for whatever is peaking your interest and see where it goes from there, because even with The Acorn, it was something I was interested in and I had a lot on my plate at the time, but I’m so happy I did it. I think it is important in life to just go for things. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. If you do, so much can come out of it.”

After Reduzzi graduates, she will continue her internship at Princeton University Press and hopes to find another position to work on simultaneously. The jobs she is interested in relate to publishing, journalistic writing and communications. 

Lastly, we want to thank Lauren for all of the hard work she has put into this paper. Every late night, every InDesign disaster, every laugh and every set of tears, we were so grateful to have you with us at The Drew Acorn, Lauren. This paper would not be where it is without you, helping hold it together during and after COVID, guiding all of us both in the office, on the field and in life. There are great things ahead for you, and although we will miss you, you will always be a part of The Drew Acorn team. We love you Lauren, and best of luck!

Featured image courtesy of Lauren Reduzzi

Nicole Sydor is a sophomore majoring in English and French and minoring in psychology and education

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