Ariel and Casa Latina’s Día De Los Muertos

By Nicole Giao | Assistant Opinions Editor

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What a way to celebrate Halloween! Ariel and Casa Latina hosted a Dia de los Muertos no one would want to miss. Ariel is a student-led organization established in 1983. They foster and promote cultural awareness by educating members of Drew’s community through events such as Dia de los Muertos. 

To kick off the event, Kimberly Sanic (’23), the president of Ariel, and Maria Vazquez Maldonado (’23), the vice president of Ariel, introduced themselves and gave an overview of the night’s agenda.  Daniella Rosero (’25), Ariel’s event coordinator, provided a description of the club’s goals and Ariel’s origin.

The event then transitioned to  a Día de los Muertos presentation that described the reason this day is celebrated, followed by  a Kahoot. There was also a beautiful table with arts and crafts such as papel picado, a traditional Mexican papercraft made by cutting designs into tissue paper. Everyone was actively engaged; there were smiles and laughs everywhere you looked. The Kahoot lasted about 20 minutes, and then the food arrived. 


While all the members of Ariel set up the food, the attendees were serenaded with a Mariachi that consisted of five musicians. There was a trumpet; the guitarrón mexicano, a large Mexican six-string acoustic bass; Mexican vihuela, a guitar built similarly to a guitarrón and two violins. They performed traditional songs from Mexico and some modern hits like “Despacito” by Justin Bieber. 

The food provided for the event was delicious—there was rice and beans, pollo al horno, empanadas de queso, arepas, pupusas and much more! Everyone who grabbed a plate filled it up with a bit of everything. Judging by the many thank yous, Drew students really appreciated the celebration. One student even came up to an Ariel member and thanked them for hosting such a great event. 

As everyone finished eating and listening to the beautiful music, they ended the event by taking a picture (see left).


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