The German Club’s Oktoberfest Comes to Drew

By Nina Grace | Staff Writer

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This past Friday, Oct. 28, the German Club hosted an Oktoberfest for Drew’s students. Held in Brother’s College, those interested in learning more about Germany and its culture could sit and discuss their own interests in the subject. Snacks and drinks were available for everyone that came; pretzels, of course, were included. Towards the end of the meeting, the classroom was filled with excited students and lively discussion. 

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Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

During the meeting itself, members could discuss their interests in different aspects of the country and learn more about the language itself. A playlist that consisted of only German music was played during the entirety of the event, in an effort to imbue it with the spirit of the festival. 

After being asked about her goals for the club, President Ashley Kibel (‘25) said,”So my goal for this club is to share German culture in a warm and welcoming environment where people can learn about German culture and have fun.” 
For those who are interested, the German Club is always taking new members. The club itself is incredibly small at the moment, but it is an exciting new venture for anyone intrigued. The Co-President, Treasurer, and Historian positions are all open for the taking. You can email akibel@drew.edu or visit the club’s page on the Path at https://path.drew.edu/organization/germanclub

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