Drew’s Feminist Intersection Hosts Feminist Trivia 

By Rosalie Sapperstein | Staff Writer

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Last Friday on Nov. 18, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Drew’s Feminist Intersection student organization hosted their Feminist Trivia Event in the Ehinger Center’s 1867 Lounge.

Feminist Intersection Vice President Hailey Kelly (‘24) organized the event to have three rounds of trivia, each with questions that centered around different themes. The first and third rounds of trivia were educational in nature and aimed to spread information on inclusivity and tolerance. It centered around feminism and intersectional causes such as the LGBTQIA+ community and disability awareness. The second round had more of a pop-culture focus and questions tested participants’ knowledge of movies, music and TV, tying in themes of accomplishments of women and other commonly marginalized groups. 

As students competed, they were able to enjoy pizza from Romanelli’s and cupcakes from Crowley’s Cupcakes. Pink goody bags were also gifted to those in attendance, filled with candy and Feminist Intersection’s very own buttons and stickers.

Students competing in a round of trivia.

When asked what she would like to see be achieved through this event, Kelly had this to say: “I hope that we can kind of create Feminist Intersection to be like a safe space for people to want to come and just be inclusive to everybody, and then hopefully bond with new members and hold more events next semester, definitely.”

Kelly also said that the organization’s goals are to spread awareness of feminist causes, such as reproductive rights. Kelly said that in the future, “We definitely want to have some educational events to get people to have knowledge on current issues in the world that are important.” 

There are QR codes around the Drew campus available to students who would like to sign up for Feminist Intersection’s email list, and those interested in future events and meetings should consider following Feminist Intersection on Instagram (@feminist_intersection).

Featured image courtesy of Rosalie Sapperstein.

Rosalie Sapperstein is a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in literature and minoring in media & communications.

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