“Enola Holmes 2” Movie Review

By Nina Grace | Staff Writer

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This past weekend, “Enola Holmes 2” came out on Netflix. As someone who was thrilled with the first movie and highly excited for the sequal, I thought this movie was terrific. Set about a year after the original, the movie follows Enola Holmes, the younger Holmes sister, as she sets out to start her own detective business in 19th-century London. However, with trouble finding clients and the misogynistic ways of the past following her every move, she decides to put her career to rest. Just as Enola’s about to pack up, a young match girl named Bessie Chapman requests her services to find her lost sister, Sarah Chapman. 

Just like the first, this movie is filled with action and good-old fashioned detective work. At the same time, you can’t forget the powerful messages coming through. The movie is very loosely based on a real event that took place at around the same time. According to the Matchgirls Memorial website, in 1888, there was a matchgirls’ strike led by a very real Sarah Chapman. The movie takes some liberties with the accuracy of the movement, but the reminder of women’s rights and the fight to take control of what they deserve is ever-present. 

I absolutely loved the balance this movie had between the legitimate issues that it was addressing and the funnier, more light-hearted moments—this is still a detective story, after all. Something that I thought was quite sweet was the growth that Enola gained in her relationships with both her brother, Sherlock, and her very good “friend” Tewksbury. Watching Enola’s walls begin to crumble as she creates stronger connections with the people around her is really satisfying. After seeing how distraught she was when her mother left, Enola’s conflict between independence and a desire for support was hard to watch. 

Overall, the film was full of tension and excitement. Without trying to sound too cliché, it left you wanting more. As a fan of the actors as well, I believe the parts were played beautifully again. I really can’t stress enough how fun and thought-provoking this movie was.  

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