The Hunt for Drew’s Most Tranquil Bathroom

By Ian Odell | Staff Writer

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Drew University is a college with a lot of restrooms. With so many restrooms to choose from, you may ask yourself, “Out of all of them, which rest-room is the best-room? Where will I not be disturbed by the presence of other students? Where will I have a proper balance of natural light and fine atmosphere to allow me to tune out the stresses of the modern world?” Fortunately, I have solved this problem, and you may no longer wonder about the best bathrooms on campus. Without further ado, here are, in my humble opinion, the top five most tranquil bathrooms in Drew University. 

5. Second Floor DoYo Bathrooms

These bathrooms deserved a mention. While very similar to the first floor DoYo bathrooms, there is an important difference that distinguishes them—noticeably less foot traffic. Found on the right side of the Dorothy Young building, these bathrooms have a distinctive aesthetic, with a red checker tile trim dividing the walls in half, reminiscent of a diner of some kind. According to students who have occupied this bathroom, despite its size, it is rarely used. One can expect a good degree of peace and quiet when using this bathroom. Additionally, it appeared quite clean. Overall, a respectable bathroom..

Photo of Second Floor DoYo Bathrooms. Courtesy of Ian Odell.

4. Level G Library Bathrooms

These are some rather odd bathrooms. Accessible either by stairwell or a very likely haunted elevator, you can find them on the top story of the library, with the men’s restroom immediately to the right of the elevator and the women’s restroom around the corner. What these bathrooms lack in aesthetics—with rather dated pink tile walls and a worn linoleum floor—is more than made up for in seclusion. If you even want a chance at using these bathrooms, you better be a librarian or work in the archives, as they’re locked to anyone who isn’t authorized to use them. Fortunately, I was granted access to them for the purpose of documentation, but the exclusivity and comfort of these bathrooms may only be enjoyed by a select few. 

Photo of Level G Library Bathrooms. Courtesy of Ian Odell.

3. Seminary Hall Bathrooms

These restrooms are quite good, if I do say so myself. The blue stall doors and dividers pair well with the white tile walls, and the floor pattern is more tasteful than most. The windows provide natural light during the day and overall the bathroom feels calm and un-claustrophobic. They also appeared to be very clean, although the trash did need to be emptied in the men’s restroom. However, I suspect these bathrooms receive a decent amount of traffic during the day, so the seclusion that one may require to use the restroom may not always be found here. 

Photo of Seminary Hall Bathrooms. Courtesy of Emily Cookson.

2. Embury Hall Second Story Bathroom

Peace and quiet abound in this unassuming restroom. Suited for just a singular occupant, it presents a spacious location for doing one’s business unperturbed. It also has a window allowing for access to natural light during the day. It appeared to be clean for the most part— however, the tiles were cracked in some places and the floor felt a bit uneven. Aside from minor gripes, the largest drawback to this restroom is probably the inconvenient location and the fact that I’m quite sure that Embury Hall is haunted. 

Photo of Embury Hall Second Story Bathroom. Photo Courtesy of Ian Odell.

1. S.W. Bowne Bathrooms

These restrooms are top notch. Found just down the hall from the main entrance, these bathrooms are like an oasis for a parched nomad. Their abundant natural light, tasteful black flooring and perfectly clean sinks and toilets represent a perfect bathroom. It’s very unlikely you’ll run into many people while using these restrooms—other than a few classes and offices, the building is quite empty for most of the day. All in all, these bathrooms are undeniably exceptional in their quality. 

Featured Photo of S.W. Bowne Bathrooms. Courtesy of Ian Odell.

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  1. Re: the “haunted” elevator in the Library, this 1938 stacks elevator is actually quite reliable. It is made by the OTIS elevator company which pioneered the “safety elevator”. I use it nearly every day. I’ve never had a paranormal experience, but have always felt safe.

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