Students Create Green Space at Drew

By Anna Gombert This past week, on April 20, the new Greenery behind Brother’s College officially opened. The space includes benches, potted flowers, native plants, garden decorations, tables and chairs. The team that helped put this project together consisted of Inji Kim (‘19), Josie Emanuelli (‘19), Mason Scher (‘20), Samantha Leinberger (‘18) and Marti Winer, Vice President for University Relations, served as a faculty advisor … Continue reading Students Create Green Space at Drew

DeVos, Department of Education Rolls Back Civil Rights Regulations

By Michael McCurry The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has started rejecting hundreds of civil rights complaints that they consider burdensome to the office in accordance with a new protocol. Department officials argued that the new policy is aimed at advocates who flood the office with thousands of complaints about similar violations, overloading the office’s staff with cases that they claim could be … Continue reading DeVos, Department of Education Rolls Back Civil Rights Regulations

Nabi Tajimi, Oldest Person in the World, Dies at 117

By Max Felsenstein The oldest person in the world, Nabi Tajima, passed away on Saturday in Akari, Japan at the age of 117. She was the last known person born in the 19th century as she was born on Aug. 4, 1900. Tajima had nine children including seven sons and two daughters, and according to the Associated Press, she had more than 160 descendants. She … Continue reading Nabi Tajimi, Oldest Person in the World, Dies at 117

Keep It In Your Pants

Throughout history, men have felt entitled to women’s bodies. Today, this entitlement often translates to the sharing of pictures of genitalia, especially without invitation. After a couple of conversations surrounding the topic of so-called dick pics, The Acorn decided to conduct a poll to see how often people receive unsolicited pictures of a penis. The results were disappointing, but not at all surprising. Of the … Continue reading Keep It In Your Pants

Rape in India: Justice for the Victims

By Ellie Kreidie   There are few stories that bring a tear to the eye. In today’s world, where there are dozens of conflicts and wars affecting the lives of millions of people, the pain suffered by our fellow human beings always consumes me when I hear their heartbreaking stories. Yet, the emotion never leaves me due to the sheer number of stories I’ve heard that … Continue reading Rape in India: Justice for the Victims

Physician-assisted suicide: A morally acceptable decision

By Brett Harmon Suicidal thoughts are commonly linked to feelings of depression, life events and mental disorders. Every year Americans are informed of high suicide rates, which leads people to believe it’s a socially acceptable option. While troubling by itself, this thought process should not detract from the fact that physician-assisted suicide has its place in a humane and compassionate society. Physician-assisted suicide typically involves … Continue reading Physician-assisted suicide: A morally acceptable decision

A Non-Nuclear Korean Peninsula

By David Giacomini With the semester coming to an end, college students have many more immediate things to worry about than keeping up with the news. But the last few weeks have been full of interesting news stories. FBI raids in New York City, the NFL draft and William and Kate having a new royal baby. But the thing that has captured my attention the … Continue reading A Non-Nuclear Korean Peninsula

In the Face of Vandalism

By Matthew Ludak When I opened my email and read that the Black Lives Matter sign, which had been on display in Seminary Hall, had been vandalized, I was many things, but not surprised. And after talking it over with several friends and fellow students, I quickly realized that nobody else seemed that surprised either. Sure, there was a general sense of angry disappointment, but … Continue reading In the Face of Vandalism

Ibtihaj Muhammad Comes to Drew

On The New York Times’ Evening Briefing of April 25, the newspaper highlighted key stories of Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban, Colin Kaepernick and female Olympian rights. Thirty minutes later, almost in perfect sync, Ibtihaj Muhammad entered the Concert Hall to give a talk on topics that more than ever are relevant to the Drew community. Drew’s Muslim Student Association invited Muhammad, a saber fencer in … Continue reading Ibtihaj Muhammad Comes to Drew