A Plea for Peace: Please Be Quieter in Your Dorms

by Nina Grace Contributing Writer

3 mins read

The dorming experience greatly influences Drew’s students and the life they live on campus. The dorms are something that should be a welcoming space for Drew’s pupils but at the moment, they are not. The dorms are extremely noisy and messy. 

Now, this is not necessarily Drew’s fault; the students are mostly responsible for this situation. Quiet hours were implemented for a reason. I believe that as long as the music and stomping around is lowered in volume during quiet hours, there should be no issue. However, it seems this policy is harder to follow than expected. 

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I would like to emphasize that I am not against students listening to music or having get-togethers in their dorms. However, I do not want to hear blaring music at 2 a.m., or people stomping around like the building is on fire. I would like to get some sleep, but with all the noise going on, it is much more difficult than necessary. Just pay attention to the volume after 11 p.m. That is all I am asking. 

The bathrooms are also a major issue. Leaving a mess in the bathrooms is disrespectful not only to the other students who share the floor, but to the cleaning staff who have to deal with the trash and belongings left behind. This is not just the students’ fault, but also a result of how the bathrooms are built. Sadly, there is not much we can do about this, but we can at least try to keep them as neat as possible. 

For instance, making sure the shower curtains are on the inside to prevent puddles from forming on the floor would be a great start. It is absolutely rancid to go into the bathroom and be greeted with a pond in the middle of the floor. No one wants to walk in someone else’s shower water. 

Also, double checking to make sure that you did not leave any of your items behind is important. Finding a bar of Irish Spring or someone’s Invisalign on the counter is not a pleasant experience. 

Everyone, please pay more attention. We all have to share these spaces, so it would be best if we respected those spaces a little more. It would benefit everyone on campus to adhere to this policy, and it should be considered a common courtesy.

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