Lead Editorial: Carmen Ramos is the Best Part of Drew University

By The Editorial Board

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Photo by Sierra Walker

Anyone who has ever been to the Starbucks in the Ehinger Center knows that Carmen is the best person on campus. Carmen, who works at the Starbucks every weekday, is without a doubt the most caring, devoted employee to ever grace The Forest with their presence. 

It seems like anytime a student walks into the Ehinger Center, they line up at Starbucks and  know most of them really go and spend their valuable points so they can talk to Carmen. Despite the long lines of people, Carmen somehow seems to know all of the students that end up at her little corner of Drew.

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She greets people with a bright smile—and usually some sort of affectionate name—before getting to work on their drink. Carmen also always talks while she works, asking people how their days are and sharing stories about hers. 

Even on a good day, Carmen somehow manages to make things even better and on bad days, she turns everything around with words of encouragement and a comforting smile. She makes the campus Starbucks feel like a soothing place to go to when you need an emotional pick-me-up and not just another spot to spend points on a cup of coffee.

Every interaction with Carmen is a reminder of the kind of comfort and hospitality many experience from close friends and family members. At Drew, where so many of the students do not see family for long stretches of time, Carmen’s warm personality makes campus feel more like home. 

She does so much more than just run the campus Starbucks. She puts her all into her job and makes everyone who visits her feel loved and cared for. She single-handedly keeps the student body happy, healthy and—maybe most importantly—well caffeinated. She brings joy and comfort to everyone she interacts with and, without her, Drew just would not be the same. 

Everyone should make a point to drop by Starbucks to say hello, grab a coffee and tell Carmen just how loved and appreciated she is, because she truly is the best part of Drew University.

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