Rangercon Unites Comic Enthusiasts at Drew

By Annabelle Smith | Staff Writer, Cartoonist and Webmaster

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Featured image of Rangercon comics courtesy of Dee Cohen

This past Friday, Drew Night Life — a student-run and university-assisted organization which provides night and weekend events for the Drew community — kicked off the Spring 2023 semester with a diverse celebration of all things “nerd.” The event, titled “Rangercon,” featured Marvel vs. DC based trivia, a Pokémon scavenger hunt, a lounge dedicated to reruns of “Cowboy Bebop” and a demonstration/Q&A with comic book artist CJ Oech.

Photo of giveaway winner Anabelle Smith courtesy of Dee Cohen

Attendees were encouraged to create their own comics using sample booklets with markers provided by staff as well as peruse a wide array of popular comics in The Space. Strewn about the EC were cleverly concealed Pokémon characters, who waited for attendees to seek them out and win stickers in exchange. Visitors could also watch projected episodes of the 1998 cult classic anime “Cowboy Bebop,” featured on the popular streaming service Crunchyroll (to which a year-long subscription was raffled off at the end of the night). 

Halfway through the event, the visiting artist, Oech, began a demonstration of his artistic process to a large, captive audience. Using ideas from the crowd, Oech created a proper mascot for Rangercon: a burly, grinning, half-squirrel half-man affectionately nicknamed “Squirrel-Dude.” While watching him sketch and ink, the crowd had the great opportunity to ask Oech questions about his career in the comic industry and his experience with freelancing. Particularly inspired attendees were able to purchase various pieces from him, including large cells of his comic work and prints of familiar “nerd” icons. 

Drew Night Life also featured many giveaways throughout the event—LEGOs, art, streaming subscriptions and graphic novels, just to name a few. 

The event was a great success and a wonderful start to what is sure to be a busy, beneficial semester for Drew Night Life. Be sure to check out Drew Night Life on @drewstuact and their posted calendar to see what else the EC will be up to Friday nights. If in doubt, come for the raffles and stay for the fun!

Annabelle Smith is a first year currently exploring her major.

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