Student Opinions: Should Ranger Bear Be Our Mascot?

by Max Odell

1 min read

Here is what Drew students had to say when asked about their opinion on whether they want to keep the Ranger Bear as a mascot or change it to a squirrel. 

“I don’t know if [a squirrel] would be better than a bear, but it’s definitely an alternative,” said Josh Soiferman (‘25).

“The shirts they gave us on our tours had a squirrel on top of the U. Everyone at my school asked me if Drew’s mascot was a squirrel. I had to tell them, ‘No, it actually isn’t.’ It would make a lot of sense to change it, and it would be more unique,” said Olivia Fox (‘26).

“The bear is fierce, and a squirrel is just a squirrel. I mean, they’re cute, but imagine your team mascot is a squirrel. It doesn’t work as well,” said Mike Borrelli (‘25).

“He’s a bear? I like him, I think he’s a cute mascot. Although he should be a squirrel, for how often we have squirrels,” said Sophie Chaves-Gamboa (‘25).

“I mean, it’s a bear. I don’t really like mascots,” said Kirsty Hand (‘25).

“ I like the squirrel, and I mean, I thought it was the squirrel. So yeah, I think it would be more suitable,” said Michael Usher (‘23).

Featured image courtesy of Drew Rangers Twitter

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