WMNJ Radio: Back From the Dead!

by Cuyler Flynn Contributing Writer

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WMNJ: The Forest is back from the dead, and fully operational! The radio station, while once an important and respected part of Drew University’s community, fell into disuse the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, with the help of a wonderful board and support from the community, The Forest is fully revitalized and playing an excellent selection of music 24/7. 

The new board members include General Manager Medina Purefoy-Craig (C’24), Station Manager Griffin Harris (C’24), Event Coordinator Rashanea Daniels (C’23), Art Director Isabella Blanco (C’24), Social Media Manager Juli Vehslage (C’23) and Studio Engineers Samantha Haase (C’25), Faith Jackson (C’25) and Cuyler Flynn (C’25).

Currently, a roster of multiple playlists meticulously cultivated by board members is being broadcast on wmnjradio.com, and soon, a roster of student DJs will be hosting unique and exciting shows. Among these are A Killer Podcast, a deep dive into various serial killings hosted by Hayley Amisano (C’26) and Olivia Fox (C’26), and Shroom Room, an examination of the effects that psychedelic use has had on music throughout history hosted by Gabby Rizzolo (C’23). If any of these sound interesting, make sure to tune in! And if you have a show idea of your own, the board at WMNJ would love to hear it. 

The primary focus of the station right now is to be a place where students can engage with each other and to help foster a sense of culture and community at Drew, which has been lacking since the pandemic. WMNJ exists for you, the student, and will work with you to meet your needs. Have a show idea but do not want to talk? Submit your idea anyway; the board would love to hear it! Want to talk but do not have any show ideas? You can still have a segment—there are plenty of great concepts that have not been used yet! You can talk, play music or even combine the two. The Forest is looking to become more integrated into student life, and if that is something you would enjoy, be sure to message WMNJ on Instagram at @wmnj_radio. Any clubs looking to collaborate or get ad space can also reach out via the station’s Instagram or email any of the board members. 

Drewstock Festival
Photo courtesy of Juli Vehslage

WMNJ co-hosted the Drewstock festival last month, which featured local bands as well as the on-campus debut of  Drew student band The Automatics, composed of Dean Graham (C’24), Matt Sherman (C’25), Jonathan Fischer (C’23), Daniel Wu (C’25) and Leo Ambrogio (C’25).

WMNJ’s next event, Hallowrave, will take place on Oct. 29. Hallowrave will be a Club 54-themed party where drag is highly encouraged! Soon, there will also be monthly events called Cozy Desk Concerts. At these events, Drew students can perform music in the EC, either publicly or behind a curtain. There will be snacks provided, and pajamas and blankets are highly encouraged! The first concert will most likely be in October, or November at the latest. This upcoming event will feature another performance from The Automatics, who will be debuting a new single! 
You can find the station at wmnjradio.com, which is now running 24/7. Show times will be up soon, as well as more information about events. You can also follow WMNJ on Instagram at @wmnj_radio for more real-time updates about events and getting involved. Happy listening!

Featured image courtesy of Juli Vehslage (correction to spelling of last name in print edition)

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