Erase Valentine’s Day Off Of Your Calendar

By Emily Pieczyrak | Opinions Editor and Staff Writer

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I love love. The idea of having a day dedicated to the display of love seems like a beautiful and wonderful idea. However, Valentine’s Day is actually the worst day of the year and is the opposite of a love filled holiday.

As someone who is in a relationship of five and a half years, my hatred for the holiday is not because I am sad and lonely. In fact, I think I hate the holiday more because I am in a relationship. This is because the holiday puts too many expectations on couples to do something extravagant. If one partner doesn’t meet the expectations of the other, it causes a rift. 

It is difficult to satisfy some Valentine’s Day cravings. The world does not stop because it is Valentine’s Day. Classes are still in session, professors still assign homework and managers still expect you at your shift. So, when this day falls on a Tuesday, it is not feasible to drop everything and spend the day with your partner. Even when the holiday lands on a weekday the expectations stay, making the lack of time to go on a date all the more depressing.

The situation is even worse for those in long distance relationships. Imagine being an eight hour drive away from your special someone and being forced to watch couples happily go on dates, give each other flowers and share chocolates when all you can do is FaceTime your loved one. There really is not much a person can do to express their love in a long distance relationship, so you spend the day longing to be with your special person.

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For those not in a relationship, the agony of waiting for someone to ask to be your Valentine is excruciating. Some people use this day as an opportunity to ask someone out if they did not know how to otherwise. But that is why people are waiting, expecting that one question from the person they like. Not getting the attention you want or deserve simply causes pain, on any day. The focus on love that the day brings just makes that pain from anticipation 100 times worse. 

Valentine’s Day just makes most people want to die. Well, more like 48% of people in America, according to a survey from YouGovAmerica, who think Valentine’s day is overrated.

On top of all the terrible emotions that encompass the day, another sickening element of Valentine’s Day is the mass consumerism and waste caused by capitalism. The details of this problem are outlined in an article I wrote in 2022 on Valentine’s Day. The pollution caused by Valentine’s day products is massive. Balloons, flowers, gifts, wrapping and decorations all create waste that harm our environment. Basically, not only are most people depressed because of Valentine’s Day, but so is the planet. We already have enough consumerism and waste around Christmas time. Cutting Valentine’s Day out of the calendar will only benefit the world.

As appealing as a day full of love sounds, that is simply not the reality of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is only one big disappointment and it should be deleted off of our calendars forever. You can display your love on any day of the year and it will probably be more special. You do not need a calendar to remind you to show appreciation to those you love.

Emily Pieczyrak is a sophomore double-majoring in English and French.

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