The Original Harry Potter Films Should Be the End of the Series Adaptations

By Nina Grace | Staff Writer

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The Harry Potter show should not happen. At the very least, the cast and crew need to be extremely careful about how they execute such a big project. The series was rumored to be in the works on April 3 and was confirmed on April 12, and it is set to premiere sometime in 2025. 

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According to a Variety Magazine article written by Joe Otterson, J.K Rowling will be an executive producer for the seven-season series. Otterson wrote, “Each season of the show will be based on one of the books in the franchise, with Warner Bros. Discovery describing the show as a ‘decade-long series.’ It will feature an entirely new cast than those actors seen in the films.” The casting information, however, has not been released, which is adding even more controversy to the show. 

The new Harry Potter show is an unnecessary project for Warner Bros. Although the show provides a chance to stay more loyal to the actual books, the movies are a nostalgic staple for many people. 

The significant expectations for the series may be its downfall. The excitement surrounding an adaptation like this is dangerous because fans may take any slight change to the book or movie plots to the extreme. Fans are particular when it comes to the details. Get those wrong, and the show can lose views and the money that comes along with them. 

The fans of the Harry Potter franchise are extremely passionate. Being one of them, I can understand the hesitation that comes with an adaptation like this. There is also the fear of having something so close to our hearts get tarnished because some directors wanted to make more money.   

There is no need to recreate the stories. The show would be received differently if it was a spin-off like Fantastic Beasts. I think it would be much more interesting if it focused on the characters’ backstories from the book series. To be able to delve deeper into the inner workings of characters that we barely got to know would be amazing. For example, I would love to learn more about Harry’s parents or the professors’ relationships with other students. 

I do not see a point in creating a full-fledged remake when it will most likely fall short of fans’ expectations. It is pointless to recreate something that does not actually need to be remade. Leave the movies alone. They are fine just the way they are. 

Nina Grace is a first year majoring in art history and minoring in museum studies and cultural management.

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