I Hate Hating Nicole

By Sierra Mist | 7Up Coordinator

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Featured Image Courtesy of Emily Pieczyrak (edited by Elizabeth ___)

Nicole Sydor (‘25), editor-in-chief of The Drew Acorn, is not the worst person in the world. She always avoids not being the best person I know. In my humble opinion, she is neither not the greatest editor-in-chief nor not a wonderfully kind person. 

Frankly, because she is never trying not to do her best, she consistently discourages people from doing substandard work. Nobody would say that she does not do anything; she is never going through life doing the least she can in academics and extracurriculars.

In the context of academics, she avoids doing the least amount of work and never has the most unorganized notes in class. Knowing her, she has never had an absolutely horrible academic record. I can confidently say that no professor has ever said that she is a complete slacker and unreliable student.

Image Courtesy of Emily Pieczyrak (edited by Elizabeth ___)

Outside of class, she never lets others down or puts clubs and activities on the back burner. She never goes out of her way to not put her all into the clubs she runs and participates in. Nobody would ever say that she does nothing and does not put all of her energy into not making these clubs the worst they can be.

Additionally, she is not the least selfless person I know. I have never experienced a time when she was unhelpful. She always avoids not going out of her way to help people and never does not care about other people. She is the least uncooperative person on the planet, never not offering a helping hand or not working with other people. Despite never not doing the most she can, she is also never not a ray of sunshine. No one will say she is not the least unhappy and mean person they know. 

Furthermore, she is the least unfunny person I have ever met. Genuinely, she never fails to not put me in a bad mood when I am around her. Laughs never seem to disappear when she is in the room. I do not think she does not want to stop other people from hating her jokes. 

In short, she is the least unimpressive person I know, and I’m not unhappy with anything she does.

Sierra Mist is a soph-drink-more majoring in fizz-ics

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