Top 10 Best Study Spots at Drew

by Max Odell

7 mins read

Do you have essays due soon? Need to cram for an exam? Do you want to just be able to read and get away from all the hustle and bustle? Undoubtedly a common issue—but we have your solution. Presented below are the top ten study spots at Drew University:

10. Your Room. 

It had to be mentioned. Many Drew students have rooms (whether they be dorms on campus or bedrooms at home)—and it is undoubtedly a popular spot. It can be decorated to be any which way, which is simultaneously an advantage and disadvantage in terms of studying. Sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, it all depends on personal preferences. A real mixed bag when it comes to how much studiousness can be achieved.

9. The EC 

The EC! Quite conventional, practical and warm. You can get food from the cafeteria nearby where the various international flags add a sense of cosmopolitan charm. There is also the 1867 Lounge where you can relax and work in the comfy chairs. However, the eatery and lounge are often noisy— you will want to bring headphones. And, hopefully, you are not distracted by spotting your friends there.

8. The Second-Story Library Couches

They are comfy! They are chill! You can see everyone else as they make their way upstairs or downstairs. Just make your way up the main stairs in the Library, and look to the left when you get upstairs. An excellent spot for reading, although somewhat less excellent for writing, given the lack of surfaces to write on.

7. The Library Second-Story Silent Study Area

Do you have to get that report you have been putting off forever done for tomorrow? This is probably where you should be. While somewhat lacking in aesthetics, it has important amenities. You have access to a charging port, a (possibly working?) study light and useful blinders on the sides to block out the world. It might not be the study spot you want, but this is definitely the study spot you need.

6. The Weird 80’s Lounge

There may not be a designated name for this—but it seems appropriate to deem this place the “Weird 80’s Lounge.” Located on the bottom floor of the library, mysteriously tucked away at the end of a hallway, is this lounge. The room is full of severely outdated computers and an unusual couch-chair-thing. If one can ignore the unusual vibes, it is very quiet and seems unlikely you will be bothered here (as no one goes there).

Weird 80’s Room
Photo courtesy of Max Odell

5. Picnic Tables

It is undeniable that our campus is beautiful, and why not enjoy the beauty of being outside while studying? Find a picnic table anywhere, and you will be sure to have a good time.  However, keep in mind that there is a tradeoff. By being outside, you are subject to the elements. That includes rain, snow, sleet, hail and a bad wifi connection. Oh, and no charging ports. Picnic tables are definitely for more adventurous students.

4. The Graduate Commons

It may be a little tricky to find, but on the second story of the Library building, you will find the Graduate Commons. Make sure you go up two stories on “the stacks” in the Library, and you will find it on the left. It is unclear if this area is only for grad students, but the Graduate Commons is a large, quiet, mostly undisturbed study area. There are many portraits, an unusual array of glass pictures, and a very large vase. The room is a little strange, but it seems like a great place to study.  

3. The Kean Room

If you venture just past “The Stacks” in the library, you will come across The Kean Room. Keep in mind, there are certain times of day that it is “in use” and unavailable for study. But, if you are there at the right time, the Kean Room is a gorgeous place to study. A well-decorated, old-fashioned room with a choice between classy velvet chairs and academic wooden ones. A great choice for anyone wishing for a good study spot.

2. The Reading Room

Located in S.W. Bowne Hall (The Harry Potter Building), on the second floor and through the Great Hall Dining Room, is the appropriately named “Reading Room.” Make sure the spot is not “in use” before you head over! High praises should be sung of the Reading Room. It has beautiful stained glass windows. It has comfortable chairs all around. The space is home to the Drew University Philosophy Society. And you are not very far from any philosophy professors that you might need to consult! Simply, a very appealing spot.

1. The Baldwin Honors Lounge

Baldwin Honors Lounge Faulkner House
Photo courtesy of Max Odell

Disclaimer: This study spot is technically supposed to be for Baldwin Honors Students. But, this is somewhat irrelevant because the lounge is almost entirely unused by students. Instead, it is largely occupied by the Drew University Anthropology department (or left alone entirely). This is because it is located within the heart of the Drew University Anthropology department at Faulkner House (right across the roundabout by Brothers College). But, anyways, this lounge is nothing but serene, full of natural light and full of tasteful art from many cultures. There are wooden tables and fashionable leather couches. There are places to charge your computer, and the temperature is quite agreeable. And, best of all, there is a very convenient water cooler located inside. This seems the clear choice for the number one study spot.

Featured image courtesy of Max Odell. Graduate commons room.

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