Coffee House Event Makes for Perfect Blend of Art and Music

By Shanon Thoma | Copy Editor

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Joey Holzman ('24) and Druv Erry ('25) perform at the event. Image courtesy of Shannon Thoma.

The aroma of coffee and rhapsody of music filled the air of The Ehinger Center as students indulged in boisterous singing and their coffeebean concoctions. The Coffee House event opened the door for students to get in touch with their artistic and musical side, while also providing students an opportunity to showcase their work.

Drew University Music Society and the Art History Club collaborated to create a live coffee house experience in The Space on Monday, Oct. 2. The event featured karaoke-style singing, various playable instruments, live musical entertainment and, to top it off, Dunkin coffee. 

The musical acts wrapped up after about an hour, leaving time for open-mic performances. Both the opening acts and open-mic performers had the audience fully engaged, ending the night with the crowd waving their hands in the air, phone lights on and cheering.

Art by Grace Hazel (‘24), Sudenaz Yilmaz (‘25), and Isabella Blanco (‘24) displayed at the Coffee House event. Image courtesy of Shannon Thoma.

In addition to many talented musical performers, the event also showcased gorgeous art throughout The Space featuring various mediums ranging from photography to painting. Featured artists included Grace Hazel (‘24), Sudenaz Yilmaz (‘25), Isabella Blanco (‘24) and Francesa Rotella (‘25).

When asked about the success of the event, featured artist and Art History Club Vice President Yilmaz said, “We’re so happy with the turnout. It’s actually the Art History Club’s first event of the year and we were lucky to collaborate with the Music Society.” Yilmaz added “I see that people are enjoying it. People are enjoying the crowds, the snacks, everyone is willing to sing together; so we’re really happy with the turnout.”

Dean Graham (‘24) from one of Drew’s student bands, the Automatics, who both opened and closed the evening, also saw the success of the event. “I thought the event went well. As for the music, our music, I think we did a good job tonight,” Graham said.

This collaboration of art and music kept The Space loud and packed throughout the night. Drew Music Society and the Art History Club managed to successfully showcase so many talented students, all while providing yummy snacks and an inviting space.

Shannon Thoma is a senior majoring in English literature and political science.

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