Ollie’s Opinions: Am I Supposed to Eat My Cereal With A Fork?

By Ollie Arnold | Copy Editor in Chief

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We all know about the Commons no longer providing to-go boxes, but has anyone else noticed that it’s impossible to find spoons? On Tuesday morning I was trying to eat my oatmeal (gross, I know) and there was not a spoon to be found. I looked in every silverware bin and it was ONLY FORKS. I had to eat watery oatmeal with a fork. Nothing could possibly enrage me further. 

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As part of the crusade to keep the Commons exclusively dine-in, Drew has stopped providing disposable plastic silverware in favor of metal. Unfortunately, their ratios seem off. Every morning, I check between three and five places before I find a spoon. Forks are always plentiful, as are knives. So where are the spoons going?

In my professional opinion, the Commons has a lot more options that require a fork over a spoon. The spoon foods consist of: ice cream, soup and cereal. That’s it. Everything else either uses a fork or hands. One would think there wouldn’t be enough forks to go around, but they seem to never run out. My running theory is there are so few spoon foods that they only bought 50 spoons. It’s either that or people are eating them.

I implore the Commons to either get more spoons or stop hoarding them in the back somewhere. I simply won’t allow anything to get between me and my cereal cravings. And to whoever is either stealing or eating the spoons, you had better give them back, because I just can’t condone that kind of behavior.

Does your life have any minor annoyances? Send the over to me at oarnold@drew.edu and I’ll lambast it right out of a window.

Ollie Arnold is a sophomore majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science.

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