DEAL’s Annual Sustainable Food Fest

By Elizabeth Blank | Photography Editor-In-Chief

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Drew Environmental Action League (DEAL) held their annual Sustainable Food Fest—or DEALfest, as many call it—on Nov. 16 in Crawford Hall. The exciting event consisted of food, people and an intense game of Jeopardy. 

The club began the event by explaining the importance of sustainable eating habits and the purpose of the event. For this event, eating sustainably meant eating vegetarian and vegan food, which eliminates the consumption of animal products in one’s diet. This reduces pollution as well as one’s own carbon footprint. The club leaders stressed the importance of making sustainable choices and raising awareness of climate change. Attendees were able to enjoy wraps, dolmas, roasted potatoes and much more while chatting. The club gave a huge thank you to Biladi Grill for catering the event. Biladi Grill is located in downtown Madison and serves Mediterranean cuisine with many vegetarian and vegan options. 

Photo of Jeopardy winners “Bicky’s Bitches” courtesy of Elizabeth Blank

As the guests began wrapping up their meals, the next activity on the agenda was Jeopardy. This seemingly innocent game turned into an energetic and educational activity that lasted two rounds. Teams of up to five students fought for the winning titles. Jeopardy topics ranged from water usage terms to agricultural design. Participants also learned about the history of environmental sustainability as well as different types of green technology. The winners of Round 1 called themselves “The Union,” and the winners of Round 2 called themselves “Bicky’s Bitches.” Both teams won vegan chocolate, DEAL t-shirts, reusable zip lock bags and a reusable water bottle, all of which promote sustainable habits.

When asked for her thoughts about the event, Hailei Clark (‘23) said, “I am super happy with the turnout, and we had a lot of people from the community and the club come and play Jeopardy. Events like this are important to raise awareness about how we as individuals can make a positive impact on our environment.” 

The event ended as the club leaders thanked everyone for coming to the event and encouraged them to come to future meetings, which are held every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. To learn more about Drew Environmental Action League, check out their Instagram at @drewudeal.

Featured photo courtesy of Elizabeth Blank

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