Art History 219 Takes Trip to Delaware Art Museum

By Nina Grace | Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Maura Kelly.

On Jan. 28, at 10 a.m., students who are a part of the ARTH 219: Medievalism and Pre-Raphaelitism in Art and Literature class had the opportunity to visit the Delaware Art Museum. This trip was to experience the work of 19th-century artists in person instead of on a projector. 

The Pre-Raphaelite section is a temporary exhibit on display from Oct. 1, 2022 until Feb. 5, 2023. Artists like Winifred Sandys, Fredric James Shields, Thomas Mathews Rooke and more are all showcased in the exhibit. Many of the works displayed are owned by the museum itself. 

According to a student on the trip, Emma Silva (‘26), “The Delaware Art Museum has actually the biggest collection of Pre-Raphaelite artwork in the country, and a lot of the work in the forgotten exhibit were works that the museum owned, but just never had out.” 

This creates an atmosphere that teaches about a style of art that can be forgotten by the general public. Having these works of art out in the open for people to see helps revive these artists that have practically been erased from the general education curriculum. The students on the trip had the chance to explore new styles and have the museum mostly to themselves for the best experience possible. After a long bus ride, the students arrived back on campus at around 6 p.m. This class trip was created to enlighten the students, and from the sound of it, the trip succeeded.

Nina Grace is a first-year majoring in art history with a minor in museum studies & cultural management.

Featured image courtesy of Maura Kelly.

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