Art History Students Take a Trip to the MET

by Nina Grace | Staff Writer

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facade of famous art museum with columns and sculptures
Photo by Charles Parker on Pexels.com

This past weekend, Oct. 22,  Drew’s art history classes as well as select photography classes traveled to New York City. Students could choose to visit either the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Cloisters. 

The day started at 10 a.m. when the students boarded the bus from the Simon Forum circle. After about 45 minutes to an hour, the students arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The students who chose to visit the museum were dropped off and had until 2:30 p.m. to explore the museum at their own pace. 

people at the metropolitan museum of art in new york
Photo by Cynthia Ortega Espinosa on Pexels.com

One interesting section of the museum was the Greek and Roman wing, where “Perseus with the Head of Medusa”—made in 1804 by Antonio Canova—stands proud at the entrance. 

Another intriguing section was the new Tudor exhibit, which runs from Oct. 10, 2022 to Jan. 8, 2023. The Tudor exhibit includes an extensive collection of paintings and tapestries made during the Tudors’ reign as well as objects owned by the family. The extravagant room also includes detailed works from famous artists such as Hans Holbein the Younger and Quentin Metsys the Younger, both of whom contributed to painting many of the Tudor portraits.  

The medieval section of the museum was bustling with people who were excited to see the exhibit’s early European works of art. The gate in the middle of the room stands tall as a reminder of the power that both religion and monarchies held at this time in history.  

An additional exhibit with great significance is the European paintings gallery. These halls are decorated with works from the renaissance to the nineteenth century. 

Although the students were picked up later than expected, they found the trip redeeming nonetheless. The museum is an incredibly beautiful place and a great way to spend the day.

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