Drew Women’s Rugby Fundraiser Emphasizes the Importance of Diversity

By Emily Cookson | Staff Writer

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Image courtesy of @drewwomensrugby

Though a club sport, the Drew women’s rugby team continues to establish themselves within the Drew community as much as possible. In an attempt to do so, the team continues to be active on social media and support organizations to emphasize the importance of diversity. Until March 3, the rugby team is holding a T-shirt fundraiser in which half of the proceeds go to the Black Women in Sport Foundation. “We aim to empower women everywhere in the athletic community,” said Alexandra Martins (‘25), the team’s treasurer.

Image courtesy of @drewwomensrugby

According to its website, The Black Women in Sport Foundation is “a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the involvement of black women and girls in all aspects of sport, including athletics, coaching and administration.” Teaming up with this foundation places a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion as a part of a team. The rugby team’s efforts to run fundraising events in connection with important organizations contribute to their reputation of forging as diverse a community as possible. 

With this in mind, as women’s rugby begins their pre-season, many students find themselves entering an empathic and joyous environment in which all members of the team support and uplift one another. Sufficient funding allows both Drew women’s rugby and their partnering organization to develop a more well-rounded athletic community. 

The ways in which teams attempt to approach the idea of diversity are ever-evolving and allow for a positive shift in team dynamics. Both holding fundraisers for important foundations and openly expressing support for members of various communities establish a welcoming environment. These initiatives are integral to the success of Drew sports and are a necessary influence on the daily lives of students. Learning to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in a team setting sets a basis for how it should be addressed in the world at large.

Buying a T-shirt or just spreading the word can help both the women’s rugby team and the Black Women in Sport Foundation make their personal circles more accessible to every individual. To learn more about the fundraiser, visit the team’s Instagram page @drewwomensrugby, where a link to donate to the Black Women in Sport Foundation can be found.

Emily Cookson is a first-year double-majoring in English and philosophy.

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