ARIEL Celebrates Latinos in Hollywood

By Jodi Velez | Contributing Writer

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The fresh buttery aroma of pan de bonoa traditional Colombian cheese bread — and the melodies of Spanish music enticed students to attend ARIEL’s Cafe Con Leche: Latinos in Hollywood event. Hosted in The Space on Oct. 24, students learned about and celebrated Latino/Hispanic representation in the media. 

Latinos have been part of Hollywood since the silent film era (the mid-1890s to the late 1920s), yet are still underrepresented both in front of the camera and behind it. Representations often convey messages beyond the scope of their denotative meaning, and allow minority communities to feel that their voices are heard and experiences are showcased. All pieces of media are products of the time they are created, and this event exhibited Latino involvement with media throughout history, both on and off the big screen. 

“The goal for this event was to express what ‘Latinidad’ looks like for us in the media world and how we’re represented in the TV and film world” said current President of ARIEL, Jason Amaro Davila (‘25). 

“In The Heights” and “Jane the Virgin” were two of the films presented at the event, as a means of analyzing particular topics and themes of interest. Amaro Davila was particularly interested in “Love, Victor” and its relation to LGBTQ+ in Latino households. 

Courtesy of Jodie Velez

“I think it was a great way to express the ways that some older generations think of these new perspectives and outlook of identities,” said Amaro Davila. “I think we accomplished this and got great feedback.”

Students watched in awe of the musical performances and acting from the various Latino/Hispanic actors from the television clips shown at the event while chowing down on Colombian bread. Milo, a Colombian chocolate malt drink, was also offered to students while watching the clips.

 Although it is not Hispanic Heritage Month, ARIEL will continue to share more about the Latino/Hispanic culture on campus throughout the semester. Make sure to stay tuned for any upcoming ARIEL events! 

Jodi Velez is a first-year majoring in media and communications with a minor in creative writing.

Featured image courtesy of Jodi Velez.

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