The Best Trees to Climb on Campus: For Humans and Squirrels Alike

By Pip the Squirrel | Staff Writer

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Featured Image Courtesy by Pexels.com edited by Elizabeth ____

We live in The Forest. What are you doing if you’re not at least attempting to climb trees? As spring rolls around, I’ve been testing the trees on campus and dictating which ones are the best. Which ones are easy to climb, but provide the best view? Which are visually stunning, but difficult to scale? After deliberate research, I have compiled a list of the five best trees on Drew’s campus. Though you may doubt my opinions, it is important to note my bachelors degree in dendrology. Plus, I’m a squirrel. How could I be wrong? I live in them. 

5. The tree in between the DOYO and Wesley house

It is a funky tree, with long branches that reach over the stone wall that lines the walkway. If you attempt to climb the tree from the lowest branch towards the parking lot, you will find yourself being trampolined by its odd bounciness. On the other side, you can attempt to pull yourself up onto a much stronger branch if you have the upper arm strength for it or you’re a squirrel. 

4. The tree next to S.W Bowne’s entrance

A precarious climb and not for the faint of heart. As a squirrel, I have no issue climbing this tall and feeble tree, but a human might. It is possible – my human counterpart did in fact attempt it, and succeeded. But be wary and watch which branches you place your feet on.

Photo by Daria Obymaha on Pexels.com edited by Elizabeth ____

3. The tree on the lawn near Tipple Pond

If you are a measly human you will need a partner for this one. Preferably one familiar with lifting someone on their hands cheerleading style or willing to put you on their shoulders. It comes with a wonderfully comfortable nook to rest upon, but also with the price of a threatening height. Situated in the field, it is a good place to people-watch if you can make the treacherous journey up. 

2. The tree in front of the Rose Memorial Library

This tree is unique, its branches winding and snake-like. Unlike most trees on campus, scaling up and down is not an issue at all. It is easy to settle yourself into multiple nooks and crannies of this tree and its foliage provides some privacy–so if you are struggling to get down, maybe nobody will notice. 

1. The tree in front of Simon Forum

Are you kidding me? As a squirrel, this tree stands ultimately as the best climbing tree on campus. Though situated in a spot where any human would feel watched by sweaty gym bros, it is indubitably the best tree to climb. The branches are accessible and you can get much higher than most other trees on campus due to its bounty of strong limbs. You can comfortably rest on any part of this tree and even sit on it with a friend!

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