Drew University Mixtape – from the Spotify of Gen-Z

By Emily Cookson | Staff Writer

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When walking around campus, it is almost a guarantee that the people you walk past are listening to music. Drew University holds a diverse cast of people, and each one of those people holds an equally diverse taste in music; but for now, we’re just talking about me.

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I am a fan of all types of music. Some solely listen to 90s hair bands, while others really love a convoluted blend of Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. Maybe even a few really enjoy the “Top 10 Hits.” To each their own.

But whatever you listen to, the auras of specific times and locations also matter. A personal preference of genre does not dismiss the heavy air of the dorms or the gentle warmth of the Drew Forest. In an attempt to highlight these feelings, I have crafted the best mixtape known to man. Following is the list of songs paired perfectly with key places on campus whose emotions would best align. Subjectively that is.

  1. “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub – The Suites

Starting off strong is a song that is incredibly difficult not to dance to. Although it has some interesting lyrics, it serves as a great song to listen to while you laugh and move your feet around a strangely sticky floor. Don’t forget to serenade your friends with lyrics you don’t relate to. It enhances the experience tenfold. 

  1. “Warsh_Tippy and Zelda” by Whatever Dad – Any laundry room. Ever.

A beautifully gentle song, with horribly devastating lyrics. If that part is ignored, it becomes a wonderful song to load your laundry to within the damp corners of the resident hall basements. The soft, almost haunting sound matches the dust in the corners and the slight moldy smell in the air.

  1.  “Sunny Day” by Beabadoobee – Hoyt lawn on a warm day.

Beabadoobee has been rising in popularity as the year moves forward, and her most recent album, “Beatopia,” provides plenty of wonderful pieces perfect for campus. “Sunny Day” brings an upbeat energy and, like its name, fits well in warm weather. Talking to friends or reading a book to this song while basking in the sun’s warmth, is a great way to spend these upcoming spring afternoons. 

  1. “I Hope to Be Around (Live)” by Men I Trust – The picnic table in the arboretum.

While more of a secret spot on campus, this picnic table is the perfect fusion of comfort and nature, just like this song. Men I Trust creates a soft melody that matches the way the green leaves of the arboretum fill the air with a soft hue.

  1. “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer – Commons at 2 p.m. 

Oddly enough, it seems as though the Commons has the ability to tap into the playlists of most students. Why does this song always seem to play… Constantly? “Kiss Me” provides the epitome of youth and puppy-like love that can often come with it. Why it plays in the Commons every couple hours, no one seems to know. 

  1. “A Dream with A Baseball Player” by Faye Webster – For the parasocial relationship in your 9 a.m. class.

Everyone has been there. If you have not, just listen to this song, and you might understand a bit better. Faye Webster’s mesmerizing guitar is reminiscent of pretending to listen to a lecture, and wondering what to say if they ever decide to approach you. Though it is unlikely. 

  1. “Rapp Snitch Knishes” by MF DOOM – Why are there so many sweaty men in Simon Forum?

No seriously. The only way to get through an hour at the Forum without being overwhelmed by the grunts of sweaty men is great music. MF DOOM does it the best—and makes you actually want to work out —despite the unsettling ambiance. 

  1. “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure – The best schedule on Earth.

If the chance ever arises, do not schedule any classes for a Friday. If you find yourself in this phenomenal situation, The Cure understands. Sleeping in, and there is still coffee available on campus? What is not to love? 

  1. “Celebrity Skin” by Hole – How does a dorm room get so hot?

Celebrity Skin” by Hole, and their entire discography, helps anyone to cope with the withering heat of the dorms during the warmer months. When you are covered in your own sweat and crave a shower four times a day, there is nothing like slightly angry music to get you through the putrid nights. 

  1. “Weekend 4 the Girls” by Dreamgirl – Friends. 

The soft vocals and gentle instruments of this track, and others by Dreamgirl, consistently represent the warmth and comfort found within friends on campus. Whether it was spending quiet evenings doing homework or laughing so hard you fell to the ground, there is nothing like a good song to remind you how much you adore those in your life.

While this is not the longest mix in the world, these songs encapsulate small specifics of Drew University. If this music is unfamiliar to you, check it out—maybe it will give you the same feelings. 

Emily Cookson is a first-year student who is double-majoring in English and philosophy.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.com.

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