Student Government Meeting Recap Oct. 26

By Rosie Sapperstein | Staff Writer

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For the Student Government’s Oct. 26 meeting, the senate discussed plans for the coming weeks before students leave for winter break. The senate took the time to look at options going forward and tried to figure out how to best put the coming weeks to good use. 


The Executive Address covered possible plans for the Community Mural project in the Student Empowerment Center. Ideally, the mural would be commissioned from a student at Drew, who could gain some art experience from the project while simultaneously contributing something valuable to Drew of their own. Plans on what the mural would look like are still up in the air, with President Nate Roark (’24) suggesting something similar to the WMNJ mural in Tolley-Brown’s basement, but more “community-based.” The particular focus of the mural would be something that emphasizes the community of Drew as a whole rather than something dedicated to a specific organization or group on campus.

Since Thanksgiving break is in three weeks, Stu Gov. members also approached the topic of housing options for those staying on campus during Thanksgiving or Winter break, with plans to revisit pricing and costs.

Toward the end of the meeting, Chief of Staff Chekwube Okunowo (’24) provided an update on the efforts of the Racial Justice Committee. “RJC is currently in conversation to have more in-depth, more specific diversity, equity and inclusion questions in the course evaluations.” Okunowo said. “So if you have any suggestions of questions that you think are currently not in the course evaluations that you [would like to see], and you think this should definitely be in course evaluations, please reach out to me and we can have more conversations about that.”

The Racial Justice Committee is also looking for recommendations of books and authors that provide representations to various identities as part of their Heritage Month initiative. Suggestions are appreciated, and the committee can be reached through @rjc_drew on Instagram.

For students who are interested, the student government meetings are open to the student body and occur bi-weekly on Wednesdays starting at 8 p.m. in  EC 145.


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