Lead Editorial: Students Need to Engage With Stu Gov

By Emily Pieczyrak | Opinions Section Editor

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Drewids love complaining about their circumstances at Drew. These range from complaints about the cleanliness of the bathrooms to the limited dining choices. Some students jokingly complain about the smallest things, such as the small size of the paper towels that come out of the dispensers. However, the more serious issues students may have with Drew can be dealt with through Student Government, whose purpose is to understand the desires of the student body and try to make them reality. Unfortunately, Drew students do not realize that there are people who can actually fulfill their requests and listen to their complaints.

Drew’s Student Government sends out the occasional email with a lot of important information. Some students might not even open the email, and the ones that do are most likely overwhelmed by its lengthiness. While there may be a lot of information in the email, all of this information is sent to students because it is important and should be read by everyone. The purpose of sending an email is not for it to be ignored. Students expect professors to read their emails, so it is only reasonable to expect that students will read their emails as well. These emails usually include the dates and times of important meetings, plans for the future and even direct questions to students. Student Government is trying to communicate with their peers for their own benefit, but most students just ignore them. Why?

Drew students do not seem to care about being a part of or improving their community, as evidenced by the low attendance at Student Government meetings. In an email sent out on Nov. 7, Student Government invited the student body to attend their biweekly meetings. They wanted to make sure everyone knew that “StuGov meetings are open to the general public.” During these meetings, there is “a special section called ‘Student Concerns and Compliments’ just for [students] to share compliments and concerns so that [they] can know even further what [they] can do for the Drew Community.” These Senate meetings are held on the second, fourth, and fifth Wednesdays of the month in EC 145 or on Zoom at 8 p.m.  Student Government is practically begging students to attend.

The leaders in Student Government do a lot for Drew’s community behind the scenes—most people probably don’t even realize that the changes they are seeing around campus are arranged by our student leaders. They don’t just get to have a fancy title in front of their name and no responsibilities.Therefore, it is important to communicate with and support them in their work. Elections are coming up, so keep an eye out on those emails and make sure to vote!

Emily Pieczyrak is a sophomore majoring in English and French.

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