The Bachelor Recap: 22 February

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The Bachelor this week was lackluster, to say the least. It had the least amount of drama all season. The final four women introduced Matt James to their families during their “hometown dates.” Serena introduced Matt to her mom, dad and sister. Rachael’s mom, dad and her sister, Trinity, stopped by as well, while Michelle’s parents were there for her hometown date. Finally, Bri’s best friend, Bri, her mom and her baby sister got to meet Matt.

The first date of the week went to Michelle. Michelle is a teacher and decided that her hometown date with Matt would be introducing Matt to her students before meeting her parents. These kids asked the hard-hitting questions that Matt should have answered for all the women that have made it this far in the process. At the end of the night, Michelle admits that she is falling in love with Matt.

Rachael got the second date of the week and decided to take Matt James skydiving. It is unclear if Matt’s skydiving instructor is more competent than Rachael’s or if Rachael did something wrong, but Rachael encountered a crash landing during this date. Rachael’s dad gave Matt the typical “I’ll-kill-you-if-you break-my-daughter’s-heart” speech. Rachael’s dad then asked Rachael how she knew he wasn’t just saying the same thing to all the women, and Rachel admitted to being naive but insisted that what she and Matt have is different from the others. Though, it is clear that Rachael is somewhat thrown off of that horse when Matt doesn’t ask Rachael’s dad for his approval to propose.

Bri’s date was third this week and she got revenge on Matt for flipping the ATV during their one-on-one date by taking him off-roading. Bri’s mom did not play around and immediately asked Matt how he feels about her daughter. Matt responded by reminding Bri’s mom that he has a single mom, just like Bri, and at the end that will bind them together. Bri’s mom didn’t fall for this and says that Bri is a realist, essentially saying she will see right through his meaningless answers.

Serena P. got the final date this week and she had prepared a completely non-sexual, non-romantic Canadian quiz. This event resembled a college Canadian club event with Canadian flags, Canadian food, and the most romantic activity: Canadian fact flashcards. Unfortunately, the first thing Serena P.’s family talked to her about is their disapproval. Her sister says “Umm … he’s a cool guy and everything, but do you love him?” and Serena P. immediately crumbled. She realized that while she cares for Matt, she does not want to be in a situation where he is proposing to her. 

Before the rose ceremony, Matt checked in with Serena and told him that he is just not her person. Matt is less than heartbroken by this news and Serena leaves the conversation and the show. Matt then walks to the rose ceremony and asked everyone to really think about whether they are serious about their feelings for him before giving all three women a rose.

Next week Rachel, Michelle, and Bri will be going to the fantasy suites with Matt and the preview promises LOTS of drama.

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