The Bachelor Recap: 15 February

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This week, Matt James had to decide which four women he was going to keep for the “hometowns date”. There were two one-on-one dates and a group date this week. Despite Abigail and Jessenia not having a one-on-one date this entire season, Matt decides his first one-on-one date will be a second date for Serena P. Matt says he needs to know if their relationship can go deeper, and takes Serena to a tantric yoga class. This date ends up being a total disaster as the audience can clearly see how uncomfortable Serena is in the very close positions the yoga instructor has the couple performing. After the yoga session, Serena expresses her complete and utter discomfort with the yoga positions. Matt saves his own skin by telling Serena that he admires her for telling him that she was uncomfortable and not holding back before asking her to accept a rose. 

Pieper, Michelle, Rachael, Bri, Kit, and Abigail are asked on this week’s Group Date, which means Jessenia is the winner of the other one-on-one date. Instead of showing the women competing in a crazy activity, this week the group date was a simple cocktail party. While talking with Matt, Bri dropped on him the fact that she quit her dream job to continue to be on the show. When Kit has her turn at talking to Matt one-on-one she discusses how she is twenty-one years old and has a five-year plan that includes pursuing her career and traveling goals. Afterward, Abigail gets her opportunity to ask Matt why she has not gotten a single one-on-one date to deepen her connection with Matt. In a surprising turn, Matt tells Abigail that he felt so comfortable in their relationship, in the beginning, he decided to pursue other women. In pursuing these other women, Matt fell closer in love with the other women left in the house. Following this conversation, Matt walks Abigail to the car to take her home. Unsurprisingly, Rachael won the group date rose, but with a twist. This week the group date rose winner got a one-on-one dance with Matt after the cocktail party. At the end of the night, Kit is seen walking up to Matt’s room. Kit tells Matt that she is not ready to say yes if Matt were to get down on one knee tomorrow and he deserves someone who is ready. Matt tries to get Kit to stay, but she takes her many bags home to New York.

Jessenia’s date involved a need for speed. Jessenia is led to an empty parking lot where she finds Matt who reveals they are drifting cars. Jessenia loves this date and is excited that Matt shares her passion for adrenaline rushes. However, at the end of the date, Matt reveals that while he really likes Jessenia he doesn’t think she is his future wife and does not give her a rose.

This leaves Serena, Pieper, Michelle, Rachael, and Bri for the final rose ceremony. Since Serena received a rose after her one-on-one date and Rachael received the group date rose they are safe from elimination. There are two roses left on the table when the women walk in. Matt gives the first rose to Bri. After Bri revealed that she quit her job to continue to be on this show, I don’t think Matt could send her home with a good conscience. The second and final rose is given to Michelle. This means Matt ultimately sent Pieper home. Next week we will be meeting the families of Serena, Michelle, Rachael, and Bri and there is sure to be plenty of drama.

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