Seniors, Take Advantage of Senior’s Week

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With the school year coming to a close, Senior Week is getting closer. Different from what one might expect, not all seniors share the same enthusiasm for the events planned. Despite their reservations about attending, seniors should jump at the chance to make the most of their last hurrah on campus and participate in Senior Week events. 

For this year’s graduating class, there have been a lot of interruptions when it comes to having the full college experience. With one year remote and another filled with COVID-19 restrictions, this is only the second somewhat normal year many seniors have had on campus. They haven’t had much of an opportunity to get invested in club involvement, housing experience or participation in on-campus activities. Now is a better time than ever to make up for lost time, especially with such a packed lineup. 

For one thing, it seems criminal to say “no” to participating in activities like Senior Bingo, where amazing prizes are assured at no cost to the student. In addition, BBQ and free beers from a local brewery, plus a Food Truck Festival filled with donuts, burgers, snow cones and fried food all for free should be hard to resist. It is a great opportunity to make use of the hard work the Student Activities team has put into making their time at Drew, especially over the last school year, a blast.

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Additionally, this may be one of the last times seniors will see some of their classmates and friends, after COVID-19 already limited quality time. The last opportunity seniors have to spend time together as a class should be valued, especially when visits to friends in the future will include travel fees and planning. 

Although many students may have reservations after this past winter’s Holiday Ball experience, they can rest easy knowing that the Junior/Senior dance will be hosted inside the Baldwin Gymnasium. This means that students will be able to come and go as they please, dance with their friends and not have to worry too much about transportation. The dance provides an opportunity to get dressed to the nines for one final dance at Drew. 

This is the time for seniors to enjoy the final days of their time at Drew. What better way to relax after finals than spending it with friends and participating in some traditional seniors-only events? 

Seniors, this is your time to celebrate your time and accomplishments at Drew with the people who have shared the experience with you. Make the most of it.

For those interested, it is not too late to get involved. Fill out the Google form from Student Activities before May 9 and enjoy the fun. 

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