What the Crepe?!

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Is there a staple Commons item that you have been missing this semester? I have a few questions about our dining hall this semester: Are we asking for too much when it comes to college cafeteria food? Why is everything I eat so bland?

The first weekend at Drew University during the Spring 2021 semester, I woke up EARLY. Now, when I say early, I really mean I woke up before noon, but I did it for a good cause. The always reliable, COVID-friendly brunch staple: the crepe station. As one could imagine, I went through every stage of grief when I walked into the Commons and realized the grave mistake Drew made. The sweet Nutella and strawberry filling I usually wait all week to indulge myself in was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, my life flashed before my eyes and I was sitting at my table with a plate of wet eggs, cold tater tots, and room temperature chocolate milk. 

Personally, I understand the need for a toaster, as I am a firm believer that a bagel must be toasted. So, I am absolutely bewildered by the fact that only those consuming gluten-free bread can use the toaster available at Commons. Gone are the days when you could get a piece of toast with your breakfast or a toasted peanut butter (which has also been discontinued) and jelly sandwich when every other dinner station is disappointing. During COVID, only those eating gluten-free bread can enjoy the luxury of a crunchy bite of toasted bread.

The vegan and pasta station is a tried and true area of the Commons, but recently there has been a missing component to my favorite pasta dish: spices. I remember the days of basil, oregano, and red chile pepper flakes. These days, I am forever grateful for the abundance of garlic I am allowed to add to my half-cooked broccoli. 

Finally, I’m not sure if there is a hot chocolate shortage or there are very thirsty college students on campus, but it is a miracle when someone at my dinner table is able to get hot chocolate for dessert. During these cold months, especially these last few snow days, the one thing everyone inherently craves is hot chocolate. Something about the hot liquid sugar makes trudging through the snow and swiping away one of your meal points worth it. 

Perhaps one day when I walk into the Commons on a Saturday morning I will again be greeted with the joyous smiles of fellow students indulging themselves with a delicious crepe and a toasted bagel. Until then, my weekends will be a little less exciting.

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