Reaction to Charlottesville

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by  Ellie Kreidie, Contributing Writer 

Scared. Confused. Concerned. Broken. Hurt. Disappointed. Frustrated. Pained. Disgusted. And hopeful.

These were the words heard repeatedly stated by students and professors in response to the horrid images shown from Charlottesville. Nearly everyone, no matter the color of your skin or your political affiliation, felt a sense of pain from the events that unfolded in Charlottesville only a few short weeks ago. The vivid images of blatant racism for the whole world to see, broke the hearts of many Americans. The fear and sadness was eminent on the faces of the students as they reacted to the events.

Where can we find hope in this time? Well one place to look within our own campus community is President Baenninger’s interview with the Acorn from late August, as an example. “Drew has a very illustrious history,” states President Baenninger on the history that Drew and its students have for defending civil rights. She tells those that are angry and pained by what happened to “make sure we peacefully resist racial and ethnic and religious bigotry in any possible form.” She assures us that the future is bright, especially with committed students leading the way for diversity and equality.

“We have really been an institution that is welcoming and inclusive,” stated President Baenninger. As the future leaders of the world, we have to be hopeful that the world we see today will be less prejudiced in the future. It is our job to make sure there are no more events like what happened in Charlottesville. In order to change the world we have to be genuine and engaged individuals in our community. It’s the Drew way.

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