Drewids Branch out by Taking Advantage of Study Abroad Opportunities

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by Nina Campli, Assistant Student Life & Arts Editor

Drew students spent their summers in very different ways. Some worked, others spent time with friends while others binged on their favorite Netflix show. Then there were those who went on a ShorTREC, one of the study abroad opportunities offered here at Drew. ShortTRECs take place over summer, winter or Spring Break. Each TREC is led and designed by a Drew faculty member. There are a number of different options, with six shortTRECS in summer 2017 alone. These included: Barcelona, Spain; St. Petersburg, Russia; Beijing and Harbin, China; and Cilento Italy.  The price varies by program and those who participate are eligible for scholarships to help lower the cost. If even with the scholarship a shortTREC is still too expensive longTRECs, which are semester long opportunities, are covered by your financial aid from the school. In order to be eligible for a shortTREC you must be in good academic standing.  Depending on the program you want to participate in, you may also have to take a pre-requisite course or meet a language requirement. In addition, your disciplinary standing will be taken into account when your application is reviewed. If you have even the smallest desire to travel you should definitely check out the study abroad options at Drew. Studying abroad allows you to learn about a different culture besides your own.  And while you’re at it you can make new friends and connect with people. If that doesn’t pique your interest and are still looking for  another reason to take advantage of a study abroad opportunity you can fulfill requirements. For example, it counts towards your off campus requirement and earns you credits. Still hesitant about whether or not you want to go? Check out the website for the Center for Global Education, go visit them in Embury Hall.  Or find out what your peers thought about their experience abroad by reading about their experiences below.

Vividendolo en Barcelona 


Why did you choose to go?

“I chose to go because it was very worth the money. Gaining 8 college credits in a month is super helpful and I liked that it was both language and cultural classes. The days were jammed pack but definitely never a dull moment!” Manny Lopez (‘19).

Visiting China 


Did you enjoy your trip?

“I loved going to China! I learned so much about the culture and improved my language skills immensely. I would definitely encourage everyone to go on a shortTREC!” Sarah Costa (‘19)

Explorando Cuba 


Was there anything you heard about that you want to go back and see (in the country or city your ShortTREC was in)?

“There is a black sand beach that is supposed to be beautiful that I would love to go to. I would also love to see some of the old churches around Havana.” Bri Vazquez Smith (‘19)

Sperimentare Italia 


Did you like it?

“I did like it. I was hesitant at first…. but it turned into an experience I will never forget. The region was beautiful and full of exciting adventures. I made some of my best friends on this trip and would not trade this experience for anything.” Kyle Majid (‘19)

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