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It has come to my attention that some people are dissatisfied with Drew University Public Safety. The problems are noted and it is understandable why people are upset, but I can assure you that Drew University Public Safety has the best of intentions. According to the ‘2016 Yearly Statistics’ provided by public safety, they responded to 471 student lock outs, 58 motor vehicle jump starts, 103 student escorts, 39 welfare checks, 51 medicals, and 85 suspicious persons to name a few. From personal experience, they can seem scary and mean at first, but they are the nicest people once you get to know the officers personally.

I have also raised the issue of dissatisfaction to our new public safety director William Ortman. He understands that there is a pressing problem that needs to be solved. He wants to bridge this divide. He noted, “my goals to increase the amount of positive interactions with the student body. Walking and bike patrols is one way to encounter the officers in person rather than from inside a police vehicle. I’m encouraging our staff to work out (exercise) in the Forum by allocating shift time to do so. We are looking to re-establish a junior EMT program and public safety ride-alongs and internships.” There will probably also be a “Public Safety Appreciation Day (which many municipal departments – including Madison – now do) to increase positive interaction, which is another great idea.

More than anything I am hoping to encourage a student-friendly approach, mostly by leading by example, and encouraging students to come forward with suggestions and concerns so that I can institute corrective measures or other innovations that will make the atmosphere more accommodating.” So, please, if you have any suggestions on how to make public safety better, do not hesitate to reach him. He is open to suggestions. Thank you.

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