Staff Statements: Favorite Holiday Foods

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Since we have started the holiday season, we asked our staff to share their favorite holiday foods. Here is what they had to say:

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“Some people may say eggnog is a Christmas drink. To that I say no. Just no. It is a year round beverage.” Ollie Arnold (‘25) Tune in next semester for Ollie’s Opinions!

“Mashed potatoes, but honestly I’ll take what I can get. My mom is one of 10 siblings. I have a lot of cousins. I’m lucky to get any food,” Kelly Notine (‘22).

“My favorite food of all time is sweet potatoes. With some brown sugar sprinkled on there, lightly browned in the oven,” Lauren Reduzzi (‘23)

“Panettone. It’s like 18% fat but it’s freaking delicious,” Angelia Lobifaro (‘22).

“Cranberry sauce. All kinds. The jelly kind and fresh kind are both top tier,” Olivia Yepez (‘22).

“My family does pan con pollo. The chicken is usually in some kind of tomato sauce, and it’s really good. Woooooo!” Keven Munoz (‘22).

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