In-Person Campus Tours Help the College Process

by Nicole Sydor

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For many, one of the most important aspects of choosing a college is a campus tour. During 2020, COVID-19 restrictions changed the college selection process drastically as they halted applicants’ abilities to visit campuses because they were stuck at home due to governmental orders and travel restrictions. However, as guidelines regarding COVID-19 change and technological advances have allowed for virtual tours, campus tours have once again become an important and beneficial part of the college process.

The pandemic has allowed Drew to create a campus tour plan that covers all OF its bases. Not only are students able to step onto campus to experience the atmosphere, but Drew is making their online presence known with virtual tours. This ensures that a wider range of students have the ability to learn about Drew as a college.  

Image courtesy of the Morristown Green.

Since the start of the semester, it has been refreshing and exciting to see so many tours on campus. A return to allowing prospective undergraduate students to visit Drew’s campus was much needed. These students that come on campus get to experience Drew from a new perspective. It allows them to see the facilities, dorm houses, dining halls and other amenities on campus. 

According to TS College Tours, visiting a college allows students to develop a complete picture of the institution and get more information with personal interactions. Unlike last year, when students lost their ability to get a holistic view of the university in person, they now have the chance to interact face-to-face with tour guides, students and professors alike. They can ask questions about the programs and what student life is like, as well as assess whether they consider themselves a good fit for the campus. Being able to visit in person gives a unique opportunity to really get a feel for the atmosphere, natural features and buildings in a way that photos on a website cannot.

Another strong point where Drew succeeds is providing tour options which account for the differing amounts of comfort that interested high school students and their families may have concerning COVID. 

According to The Drew Admission website, on-campus tours are conducted in a COVID-safe manner which requires that masks are worn and social distancing is observed. After registering for a tour, guests are also given a full list of information regarding health and safety protocol.  

Also listed on the Drew Admissions website are virtual tours, even as in-person experiences have returned to campus. This is important because it allows students who might not otherwise tour the university to get a feel for the school. 

The Student Bridge website also states virtual tours are a great way to reach students across the country. It is a great option for those who live at such a distance that traveling for a tour would be difficult to manage. It gives Drew the opportunity to reach a demographic they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to reach. 

It can be expensive to take a flight across the country just for a weekend and time-consuming to take a road trip along the coastline. The on campus tour is preferred, but for certain circumstances, it’s more effective for some students to get a virtual tour. 

This return to in-person tours has been a great start to returning to normal. Applying to colleges during the pandemic without having experienced the campus itself made selecting a college a difficult challenge, but maintaining the virtual tour option increases Drew’s chances of retaining prospective students. By providing both opportunities, Drew is ensuring that prospective students get a chance to see if they are making the right decision on where to attend school. 

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