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As the weather outside continues to be chilly, many Drewids are choosing to stay inside and entertain themselves with video games instead, especially with Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. Listed by the New York Times as one of the “video games that got us through 2020,” Animal Crossing has made a huge splash in the video game industry since its release last March. With a new update on the way, here are some of the biggest changes that will appear in the upcoming weeks. 

  1. Starting off with some seasonal items, the game is excited to celebrate the Hinamatsuri festival. According to LiveJapan.com, the holiday name is often translated as “Doll’s day” or “Girl’s day.” Japanese families observe the holiday by celebrating the young girls of the family and “praying for their success and happiness.” Animal crossing has been working hard to be inclusive of cultures from around the world in the game and this addition does just that. There will be dolls and blossom lanterns available to order and other exclusive items sold daily beginning Feb. 25 until Mar. 3, according to Nintendo’s press release
  1. Next, the game will celebrate Pi day by offering a Pi day pie.This item can be ordered in-game from Mar. 1 to Mar. 14. The holiday is observed in several countries, mostly by mathematicians, because of the day looking like the first 3 numbers of the mathematical symbol, π (3.14). 
  2. The last event of the month looks like it will be the celebration of St. Patrick’s day– referred to as “Shamrock Day”– which will be observed on Mar. 17. Although it does not appear like there will be an actual event on “Shamrock Day,” the Nintendo press release does mention that there will be exclusive items being sold from Mar. 10 to Mar. 17. This will include shamrock sodas, door plates and rugs, as well as a couple of shamrock-themed fashion items sold at the Ables Sisters store. 
  3. Finally, the biggest– and most anticipated– addition being offered in this update is the game crossover event with Super Mario Bros. A youtube video released on Feb. 17 by Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing is looking to celebrate Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary with several exclusive items. These include several fun fashion items, like character costumes and, most excitingly, “Warp Pipes” that can help players teleport between several locations on their island. 

As noted, this upcoming update is proving to be a very exciting one, with some much needed change. For some college Switch owners, it might have felt like the game was becoming outdated, but these changes may turn things around. At least they can offer some respite from the cold outside until spring comes. So, find your game cards, charge your Switches and get ready to say hello once more to your villagers on Animal Crossing.

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