Drew to Host Super Bowl 666

Grin Brownie & Camcuddles99

Drew University is very excited to announce that we will be hosting next year’s Super Bowl in the extremely spacious Ranger Stadium! This year, the top-ranked team in the NFL will be playing the impressively athletic Drew Football Team. There’s not really any competition if we’re being honest. As Maddie Couture (‘18) said, “We are so excited although we expected to be asked to do the halftime show not to play. And none of us really actually know what football is so we are a little nervous but… it will be okay right?” Confidence is written all over this statement.

We are expecting a record-breaking turnout and have recruited a world-renowned performer: Quazi from Commons. He will be performing a short rendition of “Meal Swipe or Points?” in which he drops the sickest beat of 2019 with only a Drew ID and a cash register.

Instead of the typical Disney World trip, the MVP of the game will be going to 54 Maine Bar & Grille on a Tuesday night, all expenses paid with an Uber and Domino’s included for the after party.

For this event, students need to park in the Tilghman lot or for every second you’re parked there, $1 will be added because you don’t already pay enough money to go here!

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