For the Record, the Grammy’s Weren’t Horrible

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By Nina Campli

So as most everyone knows last Sunday, Jan 28, was the biggest annual event in music: the Grammys. There were so many great artists that it was a close call as to who was going to win, and those who were given a puppy to hold for two minutes (which grinded my gears, but more on that later).

I must say that I was quite impressed with one thing in particular at the Grammys this year and that was the lack of the question “Who are you wearing?” during the red carpet interviews. The only person that I saw ask that question (and I was watching Billboard’s, E!’s and CBS’ red carpet coverage live) was Giuliana Rancic, and she only asked two people, which is a step in the right direction. Rather than talk about the dresses women were wearing, people were taking an interest in what the stars next project is or what they were going to do if they won an award that night. There also wasn’t any stupid cameras this year like the Mani Cam. Although, E! did have a “Red Carpet Arrival Cam” so people could see who was arriving at the moment, and it technically did promote the fashion. Still, it wasn’t some camera fully focused on the fashion and dehumanizing the celebrities.

That was not the only thing I was impressed with; the performances were amazing. Some of the best performances were: Kesha, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and, of course, Elton John and Miley Cyrus. Every performance was unique, but nonetheless spectacular. Lady Gaga looked what can only be described as angelic while singing “Joanne” and “Million Reasons.” Her tone suffered a little perhaps because she was emotional (she dedicated Joanne to her father’s sister). Bruno Mars killed it with the dance moves, but when does he not? Lastly, if you didn’t see Elton and Miley perform then why are you still reading this? Seriously, go watch it right now! Elton John is 70 years old, and he is still an amazing performer and human being which just makes me cry tears of joy honestly.

Okay, now onto some things I was disappointed in, the puppies for one (I told you I’d come back to it). James Corden gave consolation puppies to those who lost in the category Best Comedy Album. Most people thought it was cute. That may be true, but what happened to the puppies? You bring these puppies to the Grammys and then what, they go into a shelter? If there was anything indicating that these puppies ended up in loving homes, I would be much less angry. Unfortunately, I did some research and the only thing about the puppies that is mentioned is everything I have already put in this paragraph.

Although women weren’t asked what they were wearing and Kesha made a beautiful tribute to women, there was something about a particular award set that honestly made me a bit mad.  There were five artists nominated for best pop solo: Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Kesha and Ed Sheeran. Out of everyone in this category, Ed Sheeran is the only male, and you’ll never guess who won. That’s right: Ed Sheeran. Now maybe it was just a coincidence that he won and it has nothing to do with gender, but I kinda doubt that. There was a 20% chance he could win, and an 80% one of the women would win, and yet he won. Plus, three of the four women, had meaningful songs with a bit of a message, or in Kesha’s case quite a powerful message. Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” was mediocre and definitely not his best song in general, let alone on his latest album.

Overall the Grammys weren’t terrible. Considering the political turmoil rocking the United States right now, they definitely could have been a lot worse.

Graphic by David Giacomini

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