University Archivist Offers Talk on the Ghoulish Tales of Drew’s History

By Violet Wallerstein, Science and Technology Co-editor

On Halloween, students and staff members alike gathered in the library to hear some of Drew’s most haunting tales. As the school has recently been ranked as the top ten most haunted colleges according to Reader’s Digest, the event could not have been more appropriate. Matthew Beland, the University Archivist, presented stories and facts about mysterious happenings at the University.

He presented various stories about the phantoms that haunt Drew. One tale was of a student who died in Asbury due to an electrical current through the radiator. He also mentioned the ghost that haunts the Shakespeare Theatre, Reggie, who died in the pool when the building used to be a gymnasium. He also delved into the history of the campus including old buildings that used to be here and our founders, the Meades. With this, Beland discussed the recorded sightings of Roxanna Meade, more specifically when Meade Hall burned down, fire fighters saw a mysterious woman in the blaze.

The event ended with attendees sharing their personal stories of spooky happenings which was the most chilling part of all as more stories of strange encounters all over campus were told. This spooky event was the perfect start to Halloween night. Make sure to keep your eye out for mysterious happenings around campus at this time of year.

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