Drew Commuter Association Starting Up

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By Britney Greve

It is finally that time of the year where we can all cuddle up in bed and hide away from the cold until class comes. People typically get to do this until five or ten minutes before class (unless, of course, you are looking to run to BC. Then probably like three minutes). But, us commuter kids don’t get to do it. Getting to class means more traffic, the dreaded snow and having to wear three extra layers that you will have off before you even get to BC.

After quite a long time off, the Drew Commuter Association (DCA) is finally starting up again. As not only a commuter but also a transfer student, I felt it was imperative that I join the board and ensure that I can get an idea of what support for commuter students looks like.

Sadly, the support was nearly non-existent and what seemed to be the only place for commuters to gather was  the commuter lounge (the room all the way in the back of the EC). I am currently serving as the Publicist on the DCA Board, with six other wonderful commuters who feel strongly about creating a community for us.

So you may ask, what does this mean for commuters? Well, we’re here to start building a bridge between commuter students and on-campus students to ensure their involvement and input in all Drew activities. Great, right? But, what does this mean for on-campus students? You get to meet all of these wonderful commuter students and build tighter bonds with them!

Though there are articles all over (some of them pretty hilarious, actually) about what it’s like to be a commuter, I think we can all agree that it’s great but also really difficult at times. I mean, traffic? Torrential downpours? Blizzards? Freezing temps and the car won’t start? Not too many people care. You’re in college now, and everyone expects you to plan for the worst. But, we have decided that we needed to create a community so that we can all complain together and also find solutions to some of our problems so that we can make our time at Drew as fun as possible.

Since this is our first semester as an official club, we are still getting things together and trying to find out what would be most helpful for commuter students. The best way for us to do this is to hear from you–yes, you–commuter students! So, as you finish this article with me here, please feel free to reach out to us at Mgoncalvessever@drew.edu or fdeoliveiraroch@drew.edu.

Keep going and remember that there are 300 or so other students on campus (or on their way here) that would love to meet you (to complain about traffic together, obviously)!

Britney is a sophomore Philosophy major and Italian minor.

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