It’s Time to Leave, Nancy Pelosi

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By Ellie Kreidie

As of October 17, President Donald Trump has an approval rating of 37 percent according to a newly released CNN poll, though pollsters state that the number is sure to go down the longer it takes for a Republican legislative win. As of September 6, more than half the country viewed the Republican Party unfavorably, according to a Gallup poll. After years of advocating for the repeal of Obamacare, decades of rhetoric to cut taxes and centuries of rooting for smaller government, the Republican party is now in charge of all three branches of government and has had no legislative win under the Trump administration. The Democrats should win overwhelmingly in the 2018 Midterms, but there’s one problem: Nancy Pelosi.

Though Nancy Pelosi has been a hero for aspiring female politicians and a promising leader in Congress by cutting bipartisan deals for the better of the country, her name is not popular nationwide. With only a 28 percent favorable rating nationwide as of June 2017, according to the Huffington Post, the vast majority of Americans’ view of the Democratic Congressional leader is incredibly unfavorable.

Shortly after the surprising Georgia special-election lost in the spring, Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) –– who supported Pelosi during her last leadership vote –– stated, “I think you’d have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top. Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost. But she certainly is one of the reasons.” Nancy Pelosi represents the old Democratic party at a time when politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are working to revolutionize the party and its message, to the support of many Democrats. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t hold the same enthusiasm or effect on swing voters that is needed in a leadership post.

Americans are not inspired by Nancy Pelosi, who will be 78 during the 2018 midterm campaign, and therefore, having her as the face of the House may not be seen as a wanted picture. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super Pac which has already promised $100 million to the midterm race, has announced their strategy: Pelosi. “During the 2018 cycle, CLF will spend millions of dollars highlighting Nancy Pelosi’s toxic agenda and reminding voters across the country that Democratic candidates are nothing more than rubber stamps for her out-of-touch, liberal policies,” stated Executive Director Corry Bliss in a memo during June.

Nancy Pelosi will cause an easy midterm campaign for the Democrats to become much closer than it should be after a horrid few legislative months for the Republican party. I will be the first to tell you how inspired I am by Pelosi and her journey to be one of the most powerful politicians in modern American history, but we can’t regain civility in this country and stand up to a bully President with her name on the ballot. The only way for Democrats to win with the large majority we should get is a Nancy Pelosi retirement. It’s the best thing for her legacy, the Democratic party and the country.

Ellie is a first year.

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