Acorn Poll: Should Woody Allen be Allowed to Film on Campus?

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Over a hundred people voted on this week’s Acorn Poll. Here are the final results and the anonymous comments that The Drew Acorn collected as part of the poll.


  • I don’t like that he’s here but I also understand that our school is broke as hell. I think it could equate to bad press in the future. Remember that time we gave Bill Cosby an honorary degree, what could possibly go wrong…
  • I’m excited about the actresses on campus and having another film shot on campus, but I do wish it was another director and not a creep.
  • Again? Didn’t he wreck the lawn last time?
  • He should not be given a job.
  • Big deal. I was there when he was dating Sun Yi (sp?). Have him make a donation and move forward.
  • I have no idea what kind of ethics usually go into this, but he is kind of extended family as the spouse of an alum, isn’t He?
  • It’s too late now. He should not have in the first place.
  • He wants to make a movie. If the school says it’s ok, then it’s ok. Let it be, he’s not physically harming anyone. He’s just pursuing his life mission to make art. Leave him alone!
  • He is a sexual predator that preyed on his adopted daughter and came to the defense of Harvey Weinstein. Tell him to go find somewhere else.
  • It’s hypocritical of Drew University to claim it is a “safe space” while allowing a sexual predator like Woody Allen on campus.
  • Trapping people in their buildings was unacceptable. So is allowing this pedophile to shoot at Drew. Our community has families with children living here.
  • We pay to go here, Drew should not be inconveniencing students trying to get to class and they shouldn’t feel unsafe with a known predator on campus.
  • Anything to bring in revenue!
  • The fact that the student body wasn’t asked about Woody Allen filming prior to his arrival on campus is absolutely disgusting. I, as an alumnus, have lost a great deal of faith in the Drew administration as a result of this incident. Shame on you.
  • He brought embarrassment to our campus…why would we invite him back?
  • Allowing Woody Allen to film on campus is an insult to every student who has been sexually assaulted, harassed, or marginalized. Drew likes to pretend to be “woke,” but this decision proves that money and prestige outweigh ethics and morals.
  • Do I like Woody Allan? Of course not. Do I think he’s a terrible person? Of course, I do. But do I also think this is great for the school? Yes, it is a great opportunity for the school and as sucky as it may seem, maybe some good will come out of it.
  • I think, whether or not the contract was made with the best intentions, it casts Drew in a very bad light. This would have been bad at any moment, but especially in one in which sexual assault is such a prevalent topic in Hollywood. I really wish Drew hadn’t done this.
  • I think it’s amazing that Drew’s campus is going to be featured in a movie, and considering Drew needs all the financial revenue it can get right now, we all need to chill out. Is what he ALLEGEDLY did gross? Yes, but the protests aren’t going to change or solve anything. I also don’t appreciate being told that I’m just as bad as a rapist by supporting this movie being filmed on campus (yes, one of the protesters actually told me this).
  • It’s interesting to see a film set up close, but it’s awful that it’s for such a controversial person.
  • It’s annoying when they won’t let me walk to my dorm/class a certain way or tell us what we can and can’t do at a sports practice. I pay money to go here, I shouldn’t be told what I can and can’t do if it’s not interfering with them.
  • I definitely don’t think he should be on campus, and I don’t think some people at this school realize the severity of what he’s done just because he wasn’t officially convicted.
  • I thought it was a cool experience to witness a movie being filmed behind the scenes. I don’t agree with what Woody Allen has done whatsoever. But I enjoyed witnessing a movie actually being filmed and I was proud that Drew was picked for it.
  • I think it was poor timing, given the Harvey Weinstein situation. Obviously Drew University did not know this would be the current social climate when they originally agreed to let him film. I think most of the frustration comes from Weinstein, but I still acknowledge those who are hurt by his presence on campus. As a feminist and an artist, I don’t have a full opinion. I think he has poor character, but I don’t think he should not be allowed on campus, or “punished” in a way that stops his art from being created.
  • It’s a disgrace and gives those who had very little safe space absolutely none.
  • This is a slap in the face to anyone who has experienced sexual assault and makes you question if Drew really supports all its students
  • He is on the same level as Weinstein!
  • Bring back Soon Yi. !!!!
  • As a survivor of sexual assault, I find it incredibly insulting to have this predator making money from working on our campus
  • I just wish it was a film by a non rapist.
  • Woody Allen is a sex criminal. He shouldn’t be allowed ANYWHERE.
  • Not welcome just like his buddy Harvey Weinstein.
  • He is a sexual predator.
  • I feel for sexual assault survivors who were caught off guard by his presence on campus. I am with them.
  • He is a pedophile.
  • I’m repulsed. There is no excuse for allowing a known sexual predator on campus. Drew needs to issue a statement condemning Allen and his project, as well as apologizing to the entire community. End of story.
  • It’s great for the school.
  • Woody Allen is a child molester.
  • I believe that this is a complicated issue regarding the University’s policy of filmmaking on campus, a warning to the campus that a sexual assaulter was on a campus would have been helpful in calming most of the students concerns, and this entire situation really brings to light other issues of how badly Drew has handled issues of sexual assault in the past, and continues to ignore the strong rape culture on this campus, especially in situations where the intersections of race, gender, and assault are involved.
  • I hope they are giving an amazing donation and that the campus is given respect.
  • From an administrative standpoint, it is good for business. However, why weren’t the students consulted beforehand?
  • Is he paying to do this?
  • Hearing about this was extremely disappointing. By enabling a sexual predator, Drew is telling students who are survivors of sexual assault their experiences are less important than a silly movie. As an alummi, I will not be donating to the school, and will give my money to causes such as RAINN.
  • A rapist should not be allowed to create his art on our beautiful campus.
  • As a Drew alum, I am incredibly disappointed he is allowed to film on campus. It sends a terrible message and I will not be contributing money to Drew if this continues to be permissible.
  • The following is my open letter to the school and the president from Facebook. Dear Drew University and President Baenninger, Today, you let Woody Allen film on campus. I have nothing against the types of films that Woody Allen makes or the actors involved. I understand that his current wife (former stepdaughter) is an alumna. But it is your job as a university to give me a safe and protected place to learn where I can feel emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically supported by my institution. Today, I had my first panic attack in six months. As a matter of fact, I had two. I am a survivor of sexual assault. I have panic disorder and PTSD and have to be careful about who I surround myself with. Today, you let a man with sexual assault allegations on campus without my knowledge. I understand that movie filmings are considered outside matters, and that students are not informed. However, you should have had the foresight and compassion to not let Woody Allen film on a college campus, a place where sexual assault occurrences are particularly high. You shouldn’t have let your greed trump the well being of your students. You betrayed your students who are survivors. Today, I am ashamed of my school. This issue comes at an important time, with sexual assault in Hollywood being talked about now more than ever. However, our institution has been having its own difficulties. Just last week, there was a report in the Drew Acorn about Public Safety covering up our statistics on sexual assault, which have been rising over the past three years. My friend noted that there are people on Drew’s campus already that have sexual assault allegations against them, and I know that. These people should be tried and leave our campus if they are found guilty, but this administration has been notorious for saying they will do something about sexual assault, and then failing to protect and support survivors when these crimes happen. I implore you to not let this happen again. Use this moment as a turning point. Put some of that money you were given into sexual assault awareness work. Pay attention to what your students who have gone through this have to say about programming and activism. Meet a survivor. Hear their story. Don’t support people who’s actions go against your ethics, no matter how much money they offer you. Don’t allow your students to feel unsafe. I am hopeful that you will consider my opinion on this matter.

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  1. I understand that people have strong feelings towards Woody Allen. If what he has done is proven in a court of law, then he is a disgusting human being. But until such a point, he is legally innocent. Also there is the issue of picking your battles. We can protest Woody Allen for spending 3-4 days on campus or we can protest and demand action where the real issue is: Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Washington DC. We have to pick and choose our battles and this is just not the right choice.

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