Drew University Ranked Highly by The Princeton Review and The Fiske Guide to Colleges

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By Colleen Dabrowski

This summer, Drew University was featured in both the Fiske Guide for College and “Colleges that Create Futures”, a sub-listing of The Princeton Review’s “The Best 382 Colleges” in which Drew was also featured. The Princeton Review’s sublist has rated universities based on eight categories –– academics and administration, demographics, extracurriculars, politics, quality of life, schools by type, social scene, and town life –– for 25 years in a row.

Among the three ranking publications, Drew University was recognized for “real world” opportunities, a top-notch theater program, excellent race and class interactions, experienced professors, proximity to New York City and a beautiful campus. Olivia Sznaza (‘19) agrees with the ranking, stating:

I feel that The Princeton Review places a great deal of emphasis on Drew’s location and rightfully so. We are a school that offers such a dynamic range of academic experiences for our students, and I am proud that nationally renowned publications like The Princeton Review and The Fiske Guide to Colleges have finally begun to recognize some of Drew’s very rare assets.

According to The Princeton Review, Drew is home to the fifth best theater program in the country. Olivia Winters (‘19) discussed her experience with the theater department in a conversation with The Acorn. “What’s really interesting about our department at Drew is that we’re actively pushing for diversity, whether it be racial diversity or gender diversity, even if that means breaking away from the common plays that are done in theater programs,” she said. The theater ranking has gone up two places from its previous place as seventh.

Alcides Costa (‘19) explained that while, “I am very proud of our institution for having a dedication to ensure that Drew’s campus is an inclusive home for all… I feel like we are stepping in the right direction,” he still believes there is work to be done. He continued, “There are still prevalent issues on campus that need to be addressed in terms of campus life and interactions… We could also benefit from a more diverse curriculum. Also, our undergraduate community definitely can improve on its interactions with Into-Pathway students.” Despite his suggestions, he did acknowledge, “But it is, of course, all a work in progress. I know my committee and Student Government is working tirelessly around the issue of diversity. Improvement is imminent. I am, again, extremely proud of Drew University!”

While there is always room for improvement, these rankings are a testament to the efforts made by all in the Drew community.

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