The Five-Star Michelin Dining Hall Is My Happy Place

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Don’t you just love the sweet, fresh aroma of Commons in the morning? There is nothing better than waking up for your early-morning class and stopping by the cafeteria just to be baffled by the multiple breakfast choices. I try to make my way to the Commons early because I simply never know what to get! I’m always overwhelmed by the options. What can I say? The 5 Michelin Star dining hall is my happy place.

I love looking at my Commons food and thinking, “What is this liquid?” And since we are talking about liquids, I love going to the soda machine and getting the wrong flavor. Life is always an adventure at the Drew University Commons. My other favorite thing? Having Commons life follow me around throughout my day in the Forest. Everywhere I go, I see a Commons mug there to greet me, often sitting on the side of the path where a fellow Drewid mysteriously left it. Hello, old friend, and thank you for always being there for me.

Something we can all appreciate is the beautiful metal ceiling sculptures – a true testament to modern art and engineering. Each day we look at their strength and beauty and wait for the day that we can swing, in the style of Sia, from these chandeliers. Some days, to escape the monotony and stress of college life, we daydream about how many chairs and tables we would have to stack to finally touch their supple, metal exteriors.

The Commons is your one-stop-shop for everything–and I mean everything. Food? Well, obviously they’ve got you covered on that front. Looking to get your physical fitness on? No worries, getting through the obstacle course of tables and chairs near the fireplace is a physical feat suited only for an American Ninja Warrior. Balancing your twelve plates of half-eaten foods, keeping track of your five cups of diluted iced tea and trying not to knock out an unknowing first year with the turtle shell of a backpack attached to your spine is truly a mental and physical challenge.
We all love our gathering place, our home base, our Drew University Commons. Yes, this might be the place where you drown our runny eggs in ketchup and pepper, wait way too long for stir-fry or pasta, and always manage to get the table where the sun shines in your eye. But it is also the place where you are greeted by the same lovable people every day and can spend quality time with friends. It is a consistent thread that sews together our days. Thank you, Commons. We will never stop complaining about you, but we love you.

Graphic credit: David Giacomini

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