Protesting in the Era of Trump

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By Sebastian Godinez

Donald Trump was officially sworn in on January 20, 2017. But that has not stopped countless protesting. We have had the Women’s March on Washington protest just after the inauguration, the #NotMyPresident protest on President’s Day and the upcoming March on Science. This is all good for a while. However, Trump is president for the next four years. Protesting works for all of a few months before it reaches its peak level of influence. That means most likely, post-March on Science, protesting will lose its value. As discussions with friends of mine have deduced, that protesting needs to be followed by something else. Whether it’s calling your representative, running for office, or something else, protesting on its own makes little difference, especially in the era of President Trump.

Trump was elected as the president who would change the status-quo, and he likely perceives the howling from the left as evidence that he is doing the right thing. Also, even if he didn’t, he views himself as the only one capable of changing Washington. So, with that said, what can those who disagree with Trump do? One option is get involved in politics yourself. Many people are upset with Trump’s budget for one reason or another, whether it’s the cuts to Planned Parenthood to the 1/3 cut to the EPA’s budget. If you get involved with the 2018 Senate elections (or New Jersey’s 2017 election of our governor), you have the chance to get the person elected who cares about the issues that are relevant to you heard on Capitol Hill. Another way is to use social media. A lot, and I mean a lot, of Trump’s executive orders on issues from healthcare to the environment are going under the radar. Trump’s Supreme Court nomination (who is in hearings right now to become the next Associate Justice) is virtually unknown to general public. Sharing your opinion can help bring these things to light. Another way is to subscribe to the news and make sure you’re informed about the issues that are facing you and the country. That way you are in a better position to react and make a difference.

Trump will be president for four years and you can’t protest forever. This article is designed as a series of things you can do to stay involved when protesting loses its value. There are ways to make a difference under a Trump Presidency. Make sure that you’re making the most of your time.

Sebastian is a junior Political Science major.

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