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By Alexander Slotkin

Did you write a research paper that you’re proud of? Have you finished a thesis chapter? Consider submitting it to The Drew Review–Drew University’s only peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal. We accept papers in any language and any field. If it’s thought provoking and accessible to readers, we want it!

We read every submission sent to us and discuss it at length: what we like about it, what we don’t like about it, and if it has room for improvement. To ensure that our focus is solely on the quality of your submission and not who you are, we have our corresponding editors remove your name from your work during the evaluation process in what is known as a double-blind review. That’s why we can promise our authors that they are published for the merit of their work and not their name.

If we feel that your submission is exactly what we’re looking for, we send it directly to a faculty member in the field for his or her feedback. But, as often happens, we may ask you to make revisions beforehand.

Our guidelines are simple: all submissions require a faculty nomination. Students who believe their work is exceptional should approach their professor for a nomination. What’s likely to be accepted is a paper that is well-written, logical, and original. That’s not to say that if your work is not accepted it’s not any one of these. There are only so many trees in America—it would be selfish for us to use them all.

What’s in it for you? Besides seeing your work printed and having a toast in your honor, publication in an academic journal is a nice addition to any resume or graduate school application. Additionally, all published authors are given the opportunity of serving as editors for the journal going forward, and you’ll make your professor smile. Talk about perks!

Pick up a copy of our most recent issue to see what we are all about. The Drew Review’s spring deadline, February 15th, is right around the corner, so happy writing!

Have an essay you would like to submit or a question that wasn’t addressed here? Email us at

Alexander is a senior Philosophy and English double major.

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