LIVE: Election Results

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by Dalton Valette

12:26 a.m- Hillary Clinton wins Nevada, raises to 215 electoral votes. Donald Trump remains at 244.

11:48- Donald Trump wins Georgia, maintains lead at 244 with Clinton at 209

11:33- Donald Trump win Iowa and Utah, Hillary Clinton wins Washington. Trump at 228 and Clinton at 209.

11:18- Donald Trump nears victory with 216 electoral votes versus Hillary Clinton’s 197

11:11- Donald Trump wins North Carolina

11:09- Donald Trump regains lead, cracks 200 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton remains at 190.

11:00- California and Hawaii goes to Hillary Clinton, Idaho goes to Donald Trump. Clinton regains lead with 190 to 171 electoral votes.

10:52- Associated Press calls Florida for Trump, now at 197 electoral votes

10:48- Hillary Clinton wins Colorado, knocks up to 131 electoral votes

10:39- Hillary Clinton wins Virginia, still trails Donald Trump 122 to 167

10:05- Hillary Clinton wins New Mexico, trailing Donald Trump 109 to 140 electoral votes

10:00- Donald Trump wins Montana

9:50- Republicans will retain control of the House of Representatives

9:31- Donald Trump with Louisiana, Hillary Clinton wins Connecticut, Trump maintains lead with 137 to 104 electoral votes

9:13- Donald Trump wins Texas and Arkansas, surpassing Clinton 128 to 97

9:00- Hillary Clinton win New York, Donald Trump wins Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Kansas, Clinton leads 97 to 84

8:47- Donald Trump wins Arkansas

8:30- Hillary Clinton maintains narrow lead over Donald Trump, 68 electoral votes to 66

8:28- Democrats hold slim lead over Republicans in the Senate with 40 to 35 seats

8:25-Donald Trump wins Alabama

8:01- Hillary Clinton wins Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, and Delaware, Trump wins Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Tennessee according to CNN, Clinton leads 68 to 48 electoral votes

7:51- Donald Trump wins South Carolina, leads 33 to 3 electoral votes

7:32- Donald Trump wins West Virginia, leads 24 to 3 electoral votes

7:05 PM- Donald Trump wins Indiana and Kentucky, Hillary Clinton wins Vermont according to Associated Press


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